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Come to Queenbels Mini Bazaar

Our very 1ST mini bazaar is happening in just 4 days’ time! Amidst the madness of trying to get everything ready for the bazaar, I made a trip to the venue and did a ‘How to Get to the Bazaar by Public Transport’ guide. It is really easily accessible by public transport and I highly recommend to use the public transport. I hope you will find this guide handy, especially for the people who are going there for the first time.

Queenbels Mini Bazaar
16 & 17 February 2012

10am to 4pm
NUS Central Forum


Go to Clementi MRT Station

You will see the Ticketing Office after exiting the gantry

Look out for 'Bus stop 1' sign

Look out for the 'Bus Interchange'

You will see the entrance to The Clementi Mall

Look out for the 'Bus Interchange' signs

Entrance to The Clementi Bus Interchange

Look out for the berth for Bus 96

Alight at the 7th bus stop

Cross the road using zebra crossing

Look out for the 'Central Library' sign

Tadah! You have Arrived at the bazaar venue


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