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The Magical Pop-Up!

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The Magical Pop-Up

This is the magical pop-up I mentioned in my previous post.

This is a mobile changing room which is gifted to me by a lovely friend. I have been searching for this since I started doing photoshoot outdoors. It is available for purchase on international websites and it is really costly with the shipping costs.

Before this, I might even have to borrow another premise’s restroom facilities if there is no attached changing area or restroom in the chosen shooting location. My poor models had to march up and down between the two spots to change attires. I think they might have grown some leg muscles doing the walks.

With this, I do not need to restrict myself to shooting locations with attached changing areas. Attire changing time is cut down and we are able to complete the photoshoot earlier than the scheduled hours. Everyone of us want to wrap up as soon as possible because firstly, the rain may come at any time. Secondly if it’s a huge sunny day, we all want to get away from the scorching sun soonest possible.

Trust me, it isn’t fun doing photoshoot outdoor. We are too in love with the way the photographs turn out so hello photoshoots outdoor!


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