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Mini DIY Project This Weekend

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It all began with a book.

I was browsing some crafting books in a book store and I came across this book on making kisslock purse. I was so captivated by the lovely designs and was very inspired to make one.

All required materials are ready

DIY kisslock purse base and inner lining sewn

Working on a kisslock frame with sew holes

I bought the book and left it lying on the home shelf. I need some sort of impulse and mood to do sewing. The idea of sewing a kisslock purse arose almost six months ago but I only get down to work on it on last Friday.

The kisslock purse I want to work on is different from the kisslock purses you see in the shops. The frame that I want to use comes with sew holes. Meaning I have to sew the frame onto the purse. The usual ones you see are attached using glue. I think sewing the frame onto the purse is more exquisite and holds the purse better.

Completed! My first handsew kisslock purse. 完成!我手缝的第一个口金包。

Tadah! The completed kisslock purse! All in all I took about half a day to complete this prototype. I am generally happy with it. I ran into some technical issues which I believe I can overcome with more practice. There are also some design flaws for example the infusible lining used is abit tough for a kisslock purse which affects the overall shape of the purse.

Do you have DIY projects to share? Leave us a comment!

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