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I Wear Queenbels

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Do you wear Queenbels?

15Jun11 ~ Outfit of the Day ~ Melissa Chiffon Pleats Cotton Top in Orange TodayImWearing ~ Dovey Polka Dots Dress #TodayImWearing Gianna Pleated Dress TodayImWearing 24Jan12 ~ Outfit of the Day ~ Rebecca Rocker Vest Pale Violet Red

Of course I wear Queenbels. I try as much as I can to post ‘I Wear Queenbels’ snapshots on instagram @queenbels and on the Facebook page. Besides the outfit, I also want to share the type of shoes, bottom pieces and bags that are suitable to match with the outfit. Thus that explains the top down snapshots. It’s pretty fun and takes me less than a minute to do a snapshot.

If you wear Queenbels, post a snapshot of your outfit on our Facebook page. We will send the lucky winner with the best outfit a surprise gift!

I am running a campaign now gathering all people who wear Queenbels to share their Queenbels outfit snapshots. The winner with the best outfit will receive a surprise gift from me!

So the next time you wear Queenbels, remember to take a snapshot of your outfit, post it up on our Facebook page and stand a chance to win a surprise gift for yourself!

Have a lovely week ahead!

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