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The New Designs Are Now In Store!

The last week I had customers streaming in asking about the arrival of the new designs.

That began my once again heart-racing tracking of the parcel.

Oh yes the parcel landed earlier. At the optional location.

So I had to shuttle over and carry the pieces to the showroom. Everything was within control, with a little more legwork.

I have posted some snapshots of the new designs on our Facebook page yesterday. I will share more about the designs later.

New Designs Are Now In Store

New Designs Are Now In Store

Whenever there are new designs in store, I have to race against time again getting everything up onto the racks before customers stream in. Some designs were grabbed even before I straighten the folding lines and price tagging.

Thank you so much for loving my selections.

I apologise and I seek your kind understanding if I wasn’t at my best form of customer service yesterday. I handle the daily operations on my own and sometimes my attention is spread thin across the 101 things to attend to.

I had a little fun moment playing with a cute little girl yesterday. I wish I had time to get a balloon for her (she likes balloons). Thank you for allowing photos with your lovely daughter.

I See You in the showroom.


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