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Last Sunday night marked the end of a long weekend in Singapore. Thank you to all who came to the showroom last Saturday for a private viewing. Thank you for loving my selections and I hope you had an enjoyable time shopping at Queenbels.

While I was doing some updates on Facebook last night, I started to think what to wear for the coming week. I do not like the idea of just pulling anything from the wardrobe. If I were to just pull out any apparel, I will most probably end up with something I don’t feel good in for the rest of the day.

So, for a start, I did a quick shortlist of whatever that popped up in my head. After some shifting and shuffling, these are what I will wear for this week.

Outfit Plan for the Week

Outfit Plan for the Week

This outfit plan has helped me identify if I need any bottom pieces and the undergarments I will need. I am sure you know the importance of wearing the right undergarment for the outfits you are putting together. With the crazy weather, my laundry schedule is all messed up. If the bottom piece that I need is still in the laundry basket or in the process of drying, then I will have to see if I have another suitable matching bottom piece.

As for the shoes, I only buy shoes in designs and colours that are really versatile to go with most outfits so I don’t have a problem with finding the right pair of shoes.

Now, you do not have to do a collage to come up with an outfit plan. You can come up with something that works for you. Maybe you can line up the week’s outfits in the same place or place them on the same colour hangers. The whole purpose is to cut down on any morning rush frustration.

Have a great week ahead!


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