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“Do you know that you are doing something great? It takes alot of courage to do what you are doing.” What if I fail? “It doesn’t matter. You will learn something and you will gain from it.”

Those were the words that I exchanged with an ex-classmate when I revealed I have business plans.

I didn’t think I was going to do something great. I reckon the greatness she was referring to, was stepping out of the comfort zone.

New developments at Queenbels had me back-tracked a few matters, did some re-focus and re-model.

Some decisions were not pleasing but necessary.

I was asked quite often why I started my own business. Question on why I left a profession that is stable, pays well and a brand behind my name. I have never felt I left my profession, mentally. If you dump me a pile of ledgers and tell me the requirements of the end users, I am pretty sure I can put something together very quickly.

I know some point in time I will want to share the journey of starting my own business. I am waiting for the inspiration to kick in to put these thoughts in words.

I always believe things happen for a reason. When it comes, I listen to my heart and do sensibility analysis.

My foreword is:

Yes pursue your dreams but do not forget your responsibilities, as a son/daughter, or as a father/mother, or as a husband/wife. I personally maintain that it’s totally irresponsible to cast aside my obligations and pursue my dreams irregardless of everything. I cannot simply wake up one day and say, “Ok I am going to do this from now on so please take care of yourselves.” No I cannot do that.

Weigh your limits. Be realistic.

New Designs Are Now In Store

New Designs Are Now In Store

New designs are now in store. I hope to see you soon.

Have a wonderful weekend.



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