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This Same Time

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Lights Up

The Bright Beginning and Forever

Last Friday, I met up with an ex-colleague and he asked how is life now working for myself and what is it like running my own business. I said to him: “It’s beyond your imagination.”

Full of surprises, pleasant and unpleasant ones.

I learn something new almost every single day.

Daily ongoings remind me constantly what went down this pigeon for the past one year.

At this same time last year, I had no idea if things will materialise. It was a fingers crossed and toes crossed period. On one hand I hope it comes true. On the other hand all the monster what-ifs were ringing in my ears. I am a new kid on the block running an apparel showroom. Thank you to the wonderful customers who were very forgiving on my not so good job done on customer servicing .

I have said this and I am going to say this again:

“What happened, wasn’t a dream. It was a decision made with alot of sensibility and calculated risk.”

Queenbels is turning four this August. Celebration plans are in the pipeline. Stay tuned.


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