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I think I surprised everyone on Facebook with the photo below.

Work In Progress

Work In Progress

Last week we saw a good change took place in a day’s time.

It was an infrastructure improvement and I appreciate greatly for that. This will really help to provide a better shopping experience. I shan’t go into the details. I leave you to find out on your next shopping trip.

What I didn’t expect is the construction work that took place the following day. Scaffoldings are up and a large part of the passage way is sealed off. The showroom is greatly affected. It is in a state that is unsafe for proper business operation. Safety was my number one concern and I know it’s going to be really dusty.

There was no advance notice and I was really caught in the situation. The first thing I had to do was to contact all customers to cancel their appointments/pick-ups scheduled for that day. Then I contacted the department in-charge of my portfolio to find out about this construction work. Next was to put up a notice on Facebook and other liaising work.

My apologies for the sudden notice of temporary closure. The showroom will reopen on 7 August 2013. I promise I will make up for the absence with in-store specials that you cannot resist.

August is our birthday month!


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