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I get questions on this bracelet quite often. I personally like this brand of leather goods very much.

My Pascher Bracelet

Pascher Bracelet in Red

Pascher Bracelet in Red

I chance upon this leather goods brand when I was in Taiwan. That was about two years ago. The shopfront design has this antique feel and I really like it.

I set my eyes on their array of leather bracelets and this particular design attracted me. I never had any leather accessories. I think they are for the people who can rock it and I don’t think I can carry it.

I put it on and it took me less than a minute to say “Please wrap it up.” The sales person knew we were from Singapore and told me that they have a branch in Singapore. When I returned, I couldn’t locate them at the said address. I finally found them at a pushcart. Apparently the insane rental cost has drove them to move to a pushcart.

Last Christmas, I bought this special Lovers key ring for a friend which I think she can share with her husband.

Pascher Bracelet in Blue

Pascher Bracelet in Blue

Whenever I am in the area, I will pop by their pushcart to check their new designs. Now they have the bracelet in a new colour, blue. The husband agreed this is a unique colour, so yes I bought it. I got it engraved too. Engraving is free.

If you like leather goods in classic design and made with good workmanship, check them out. I don’t care if this is by any luxury brand. I care about design and quality that I can accept. The pushcart name is Oki Ma, located at Bugis Junction, inside the glass-covered air-conditioned shopping streets. It is in between SingTel shop and SASA. Further down you will see Ajisen Ramen.

I am not paid to recommend them nor affiliated to Pascher in any way. I just want to share the good things.

Maybe you can pop over this weekend.

Enjoy your weekend!


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