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Singapore Night Festival 2013

This is the sixth year of the Singapore Night Festival but this is only the second time that I have attended.

Singapore Night Festival 2013 @National Museum of Singapore

Singapore Night Festival 2013 @National Museum of Singapore

I have never taken an interest to attend such night events or performances. After a full day’s work in my past corporate job, my remaining energy level was just enough to make it home, had dinner, bathe and sleep.

Last year was the first time I attended the Singapore Night Festival. What attracted me was, the participating museums were opened late into the night. I had never visited a museum in the night time because museums are not opened till that late. There were performances inside the museums and guided tours. I really quite like going to each and every gallery. It seemed the pace was slower and I was able to view each exhibit in more detail.

Most shows start around the same time and some are repeated at a later timing. I like that the festival took place over two weekends because we cannot cover everything in one night. As far as I know, the train operating hours were not extended during the festival. We rely on the public transport to get home so we cannot stay beyond certain hour.

Singapore Night Festival 2013

Singapore Night Festival 2013

This year it took place on 23 & 24 August 2013 and 30 & 31 August 2013, Friday and Saturday respectively. We couldn’t make it to the first weekend. I was pretty overwhelmed with the birthday month celebration in-store specials. To make sure I will not miss the second weekend, I wrapped up earlier on the second Friday. We were slightly late for the light projection at National Museum of Singapore, even though the museum is just across the road from Queenbels. There were some last minute work.

We covered less spots and performances this year. I was quite worn out that day and I had to open the showroom the next day so we just had to make our way back at a not too late hour.

It felt kind of special to have a festival happening around where Queenbels is. The atmosphere is good and I find it pretty cool to be able to walk along closed streets to watch performances. I think this is a festival that is suitable for all ages and you can go with your love ones, friends or even by yourself.



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