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You Have Come A Long Way

“You have come a long way.”

On the morning of Queenbels’ 4th birthday, a Facebook friend and also a customer left this comment on our Facebook page. This comment had me took in a deep breath and breathe out.

She is one of the long-time people who saw me on my wordpress days to an e-commerce webstore and to now a brick and mortar shop. Thank you to all who left birthday wishes for Queenbels on our facebook page. I read every single comment.

Prosperous Ever After

Four years is not a relative long time for a business. I have to discount the first two years of juggling it with a full-time job. To be very honest, I wasn’t very on the ball with the operation. I had a full-time profession and I am sure no employer wants a half-hearted employee. I was paid to do a service for the company and I had to keep up with the high standards at all times.

Doing what I am doing now isn’t some great 5-years plan I set up. I have never thought of running my own business before this. I thought I would marry a man I love, set up a family, have kids and become a homemaker. I am not saying that going down this path is something less achieving or anything less, so please don’t get me wrong. Somehow things just happen, unexpected.

My husband will know this very well. In fact he said he never knew I could sell something. I am not a fantastic talker by the way. Sometimes he will tease me: “Oh got people buy things from you ah.” Oh well.

It took a certain level of courage to cut away a stable good paying job. I didn’t want to think too hard too much. Now, if you want to run a business properly and see results, you have to be in the game, playing it. You cannot just stand one side and watch the game happen. The same goes if I work for others. Putting in effort to learn the ropes may not warrant a promotion but at least I was building up my skills steadily. At least technically I was sound. With a sound background, I will be able to set sail should opportunities come knocking.

So, if you are not doing something that you like very much now or have huge dreams for the future, don’t belittle whatever you are doing now to put food on the table. Trust me, you will bring that piece of life experience with you to your next venture and it will help you greatly.



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