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Because Every Girl Needs a Swirl Dress

When was the last time you put in time and effort to put an outfit together? Including doing the hair, picking the accessories and shoes?

When I was a little kid, my mother will pull the correct clothes for us before we leave the house. There was a clear category of clothes for the home, for going to the provision shop downstairs and for going to places beyond the neighbourhood. And of course to the different occasions.

Now I see the T-shirts/tanks and shorts combination everywhere. Which some people call it the national uniform.

I think people has forgotten to dress up.

Regular shoppers at Queenbels know that we carry dresses and blouses in classic designs with unique details that last for seasons. This is what we do.

At times, I received walk-in customers who viewed the apparel that I carry is too formal.

Customer: “Where do I wear them to?”

Me: “When you go to work, on your family day, meet friends or on a date with your partner.”

Customer: “I don’t have time. I just want to throw something on quick before I leave the house.”

I sneak a quick peep (it’s very rude to stare at another person from head to toe) and very often, I see loose-fitting jerseys, shapeless blouses and in colours black, dark blue and white. Please pardon me, the impression that flashed across was, all they want is to have something to cover up their bodies, that’s all. This is such a pity, because I think they will look really pretty if they put on something else.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to dress the way you like. I only wish that they can attempt to put on apparel with more details and colours other than black, blue and white.

Chiffon Swirl Dress is one such dress that you can start with.


Chiffon Swirl Dress in Pink/Red


Chiffon Swirl Dress in Cyan/Blue

The highlight goes to the block colours, the slanted v on the front of the dress and an interesting detail at the back.

The block colours are made up of two separate pleated chiffon fabric, cut and sew, not printed block colours. The slanted v on the front gives a slimming silhouette.

Chiffon Swirl Dress is one easy to wear and easy to maintain dress. My experience with the chiffon dresses that I carry is, no ironing is needed after I remove the creases. I have tried and tested. After the first steam ironing, I handwash them. When it’s dry, the creases don’t come back, the pleats fall back into place and I do not need to do any steam ironing again.

Start adding colours to your life today.
At Queenbels.


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