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The Good Fortune Kisslock Purse

When I see big brands doing limited edition merchandise for a special occasion, like their anniversary, or official opening, I will go “Wow! That’s really cool.” and I would go thinking; “How wonderful if I can produce a limited or special edition product under the name of Queenbels…..”

Last Christmas, the respond for my handsew kisslock purse was overwhelming. I am grateful and thankful seeing there are people liking and using what I make. Thank you very much!

Happy-Twinkle-Dots-Kisslock-Purse-in-Pink Happy-Twinkle-Dots-Kisslock-Purse-4 Peony Kisslock Purse 3

Daisy Dotty Kisslock Purse


Bows n Rainbow Dots Kisslock Purse

About a day or two into year 2014, I began to see merchandises sprouting for the Lunar New Year, which is a big occasion for all Chinese in the world. Most of the merchandises I saw were really pretty! The thought came back again; “How wonderful if I can produce a limited/special edition product under the name of Queenbels…..”

Then…. TADAH! Why didn’t I think of making my handsew kisslock purse in a new fabric print specially for the Lunar New Year?

I went to the same shops three times before I decide on the fabric print that I have a feel for.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls,

Handsew with Love.
2014 Lunar New Year Edition.
The Good Fortune Kisslock Purse!

The orange colour resembles the colour of mandarin oranges which signifies auspicious (吉祥)and the blooming flowers stands for blooming good fortune and richness (花开富贵). For the purse interior, I employed a new 100% cotton marigold dots fabric print, which resembles mandarin oranges. I hope the purse owner keeps all the good luck inside the purse!

The first completed purse was sold within an hour upon launch!
I am making only six purses on pre-order basis. All pre-orders are to reach me latest this Thursday ie 16 January 2014. The purses will be ready for collection on 27 January 2014.

The Good Fortune Kisslock Purse 1

If you are doing self-collection at our showroom, you will get these free! These are fabric buttons made from the remaining fabric used to make The Good Fortune Kisslock Purse.

The Good Fortune Fabric Buttons

If you had missed the previous pre-orders, It’s time to get yourself The Good Fortune Kisslock Purse.



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