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3am Inspiration and Thoughts

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This logo was a 3am inspiration.

It has been on my mind for awhile to do a new logo for Queenbels. I even have the thought of coming up with a new name for Queenbels. When the mind is blank, means it’s blank. No matter how much time I spent sitting in front of my laptop and staring at the screen, trying to create something, nothing comes out.

Sometimes you got to believe in fate. When it comes, it comes.

I love this new logo. Love is an understatement.

I sent this logo to a few people and all came back with a ‘thumb up’ reply.

Queenbels Logo 2014

Queenbels Logo 2014

A few nights later, I sat alone in my home office.

Deep in thoughts.

I threw a few points out and the answers that bounced back called for some changes. Very necessary changes.

There are two things that I have to revise.

Firstly, fix the store shopping hours.

The last time I did a change in the shopping hours was October 2013. Not too long after, the festive season kicked in and I had to extend the hours, opened the shop almost everyday except Sundays. Then the festive holidays came and we went on a once a year break. Then the new quarter arrived and the procurement cycle starts again.

The shopping hours were all jumbled up again.

So here we are now in June 2014.

I took nearly the whole of June to look into some brutal observations that surfaced late last year and early this year.

Going forward, with effect from 1 July 2014, the store shopping hours are as follow:

Monday to Friday, 11am to 7pm.
Saturday, 11am to 5pm.
Except Wednesday, Sunday and public holidays.

I go on meal break between 2.30pm and 3.30pm. Kindly avoid this hour.

With the new shopping hours, we will do mailing once a week, that is every Wednesday. If you place an online order, payments have to reach us latest Sunday night so that we have time to do the parcel packings on Mondays and Tuesdays and get them all ready for despatch to the post office on every Wednesday, except public holidays. Post office is closed on public holidays.

Local addressees, you may opt to do self-collection at the shop too.

The second thing is, I am scrapping the private shopping service.

As the number of customers grow, it gets increasingly difficult to schedule private shopping sessions for each and everyone. There were a couple of incidents when the hours were overlapped and some ladies were really displeased about it. To keep things simple and easy for everyone, with the new shopping hours, you may walk in anytime during the store opening hours except the meal break hour, to shop.

However, I am keeping this service, exclusively for my long time customers. Customers who are with Queenbels since the webstore days more than four years ago and have also become our VVIP.

These ladies are awesome and people who I am very grateful to. They hold a very special place in Queenbels. Without their strong support since our webstore days, there is no Queenbels. You won’t see the shop today. Back then, they were already buying from Queenbels without even trying on the apparel. When I participated in bazaars, they came and support. When I opened this shop, they came to support and bring their friends, sisters, cousins, mothers and helped spread word about Queenbels.

I don’t know what good I have done to deserve these.

This is why I am going the extra miles for them even when I have to scrap off some services.

On days when I close the shop for private shopping appointments, I will try to put up an advance notice on our Facebook page.

If you have questions on the above changes, feel free to email us at or text me at my mobile number.

I look forward to the continuing support from all of you.


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