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Welcome Back, Whimsical

I was told this is very not me. The whimsical prints.

Maybe there is a child in me. Maybe a part of me doesn’t really want to grow up and get into adulthood in the not-so-cute fashion. Why do we have to leave colours and fairytales out of our life as we grow up?

The biggest present from this procurement trip; I brought the whimsical prints back.

It has been a good two years since the last whimsical prints selection and everyone has been missing them very much. The communication was not very established since the last selection and it wasn’t easy to re-connect with this particular supplier. I hope I can introduce these whimsical prints on a regular basis, so wish me luck.

Baby Owl Blouse was the first design I picked. Look at the cutsy big round eyes! I like the unique cut which kept one side of the printed chiffon as a drape design and the use of embossed knit for the inner piece. I grabbed one of the stocks and sent it for washing almost immediately upon arrival. Can’t wait to put it on!

Baby Owl Blouse

Baby Owl Blouse

My Storybook Blouse is my next favourite. Look at the snow-covered rooftops! Just like a page out of my childhood storybooks. Did you have any favourite storybooks?

I think this makes a really awesome Christmas present. I cannot think of how anyone not to like this blouse. It will be a pleasant surprise!

My Storybook Blouse

My Storybook Blouse

Oh this oh this! Dainty Bunny Long Blouse! There is nothing I don’t like about this blouse. The colours, the cutting, the print, the attention paid to the details. You must see the real piece to know what I am talking about. I have kept this to go with my tights and a pair of ballerina flats. I will share my outfit photo soon!

Dainty Bunny Long Blouse

Dainty Bunny Long Blouse

There are more whimsical prints that I will leave you to discover when you come to see them for yourselves. For those who have already bought this selection, I would love to see how you style your blouses.

Thank you so much for loving the Whimsical Selection. Thank you for wearing Queenbels.


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