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Second March In, Whimsical

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It was first a high and then a low.

The high was when the supplier agreed to send me the new designs. I thought there was no hope of bringing the whimsical prints back at least one more time before Christmas because it was so hard trying to get updates. So I hopped/bounced/star-jumped in joy when the updates came through!

Then the low came when the shipment was delayed. I was utterly disappointed because I had selected these new prints specially for the festive season and I had already planned to put up these new designs in the shop on Christmas Eve.

The shipment finally showed up. I guessed it wasn’t too bad to have these up on Boxing Day. We are still in the twelve days of Christmas!

Thank you so much for the awesome support, both in-store and online. Thank you for the big love for the second march-in whimsical selection. And I am so sorry for the delay.

I guess I don’t have to say much why Reindeer and the Shiny Stars was selected specially for this festive season.

Reindeer and the Shiny Stars

Reindeer and the Shiny Stars

It is all illustrated on the blouse. The snow, the stars and the galloping reindeer! If you are looking for a relax fit printed blouse to go with long pants, I highly recommend Reindeer and the Shiny Stars Blouse. You will love the awesome comfy of a chiffon blouse and the beautiful print.

Long time fans of Queenbels will know that there is always a little story behind the designs I select. 甜蜜蜜 is one such blouse that reminds me of the wonderful time spent cycling by the beach on that beautiful day. Maybe we should go for night cycling under the starry night next time.



Whimsical in the Forest Long Blouse is the star in this selection.

Whimsical in the Forest Long Blouse

Whimsical in the Forest Long Blouse

The entire piece is built on a polka dots tank. The polka dots tank is already a scorer and on top of it, the colourful illustration is so eye catching. I already have an idea how to style this number.

Hohoho! Want to make a guess why I selected Mermaid beneath the Stars Blouse? Hint: The view.

Mermaid beneath the Stars

Mermaid beneath the Stars

Ta-dah! Yes the back view of the mermaids! I have taken a liking to strike a pose with a victory sign and snap a photo from the back. It was a random pose initially and now it is my favourite pose for a photo.

The second march-in of the whimsical prints has caught as much attention as the welcome back selection. There maybe a very long pause after this whimsical selection and I am not certain about restocks once everything is sold. If you haven’t got yourself the pieces, do so soon. As I am typing this, some designs are already fully invoiced.

Feel free to email me at on all product enquiries. If you want quicker response, do leave me your mobile number and request for whatsapp/sms reply.

Thank you so much for loving the Whimsical Selection. Thank you for wearing Queenbels.


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