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Do you know? Watch makes a very good accessory.

I am not a daily watch wearer, which is distinctively obvious if you notice. I wear my watch as an accessory, to complete the look I want to put together with my outfit for the day.

I am attracted to watch faces in vintage designs. Sometimes I go for the bigger faces, sometimes I go for the smaller ones. It depends on the entire design which includes the strap (leather/bracelet and the texture), the buckle, the colour, the shape of the watch face and so on.

So what watch design should you pick? Here are a few simple tips I abide by. Remember, the watch is to complement your outfit, not to overtake it.

  • If my outfit is in pastel shades, I will go for a watch with bracelet strap.
  • If my outfit is in warm shades, I will go a watch in leather strap.
  • For ladies watch, I personally think black leather strap is classier than brown leather strap.
  • Watch with silver rim is versatile and goes with almost any apparel colour.
  • Watch with rose gold colour bracelet is a better choice than yellow gold colour bracelet if you want something less glaring.

This is the watch that I wear with most of my outfits. It’s simple and classic.

If you are into wearing bangles or bracelets, why not explore accessory watches? The designs are fancy and flamboyant. You can have both an accessory bracelet plus a functional watch all throw in. I have recently acquired this to go with my more casual outfits:

You don’t need to burn a hole in your pockets to get good watches. Some old watch shops in Singapore still carry classic models of long-time reliable brands that we are very familiar with, like Casio, Citizen, Seiko. The tip is to find something that you are comfortable with, likes to wear and of course complements your outfits. Oh, very important. Make sure the strap/bracelet is original because that guarantees a reasonable level of quality.

Do note that I am not paid to recommend any of the mentioned brands above nor affiliated to them in any way. I am purely sharing my personal preference.



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