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There Is A Time For Everything

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I know I will not put on this whole long blouse + light coloured leggings look 8-10 years later so I said to myself better wear now before it gets too teeny poppy for me.

I Wear Queenbels - Whimsical in the Forest Long Blouse

And I always share this with my customers; if there are apparel designs that suit you and you like it and it’s within your spending power, don’t spend too much time thinking whether to buy or not. Just buy and wear. Because before you know it, times passes and some apparel designs may not suit you anymore. This is something that I wish I had realised much earlier.

Many years ago when we visited Japan, there was a popular sister line of Burberry, Burberry Blue Label. I learnt that because the ladies in Japan love this brand so much, the brand decided to open a more affordable line so that more ladies can have it and it is only available in Japan. Even though it was supposed to be more affordable, their signature checks skirts were retailing at about SGD350 at that time’s exchange rate.

Inside me I was thinking: “Crazy to buy a skirt at this price.” So I put the skirt back, without even giving it a try and moved away from the space. My husband walked over and asked: “Aren’t you getting this?” I said: “About SGD350 after conversion.” He: “Have you gave it a try?” Me: “No.” He: “Show me.”

So I went to put it on and showed him. He was all praises (for the skirt) and said I should buy it. I re-emphasized on the price and he said this to me:


I still couldn’t quite agree to spend SGD350 on a skirt when I came out of the changing room but we were on holiday and I was in a relaxed mode so ok I bought the skirt.

Shortly after we came back, I mix and match the skirt with different tops and each time I put on the skirt, I checked the mirror many more times than usual and I received awesome compliments from the people around me. I would be in a delighted mood whenever I wore this skirt and it made me happy for a long time. Each time he caught me smiling to myself, he will repeat: “No regrets right?”

I no longer wear this skirt today because I have outgrown it (yes I am still growing, horizontally) and I cannot really carry skater skirts that well anymore. Sometimes when I see that skirt in the wardrobe, I still feel the pinch a little but I know I will feel the regret even more if I hadn’t got it and experienced the joy of wearing a pretty skirt.

I shared this story not to tell the whole world that I can afford a SGD350 skirt. What I want to say is; ladies, you are young, only once. While you still can and within your means, don’t skimp on getting pretty and well made apparel for yourself. This is something you are going to put on yourself so technically this money is not wasted.

To me, it doesn’t make sense to splurge on a luxury bag that cannot cover any part of my body and skimp on clothing which with the right design and cutting, flatters me almost from top to bottom. And, do get a pair of good shoes because these carry your whole body weight the minute you step out of your house until you come home.


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