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This is the best thing I have done so far this year for the shop;

To get a new webstore.

I know it’s now or I have to wait another year to do this. Migrating to a new site is literally moving house. You have to pack up, put everything on the truck, get to the new place, unpack everything and put everything back in its respective places. The only longer uninterrupted stretch of time I get, to concentrate on a task like that, is during the fifteen days of the lunar new year. So while everyone is celebrating away during that long weekend, I had to sit down and do final information gathering and make a decision before the next business day arrives.

It wasn’t easy to come to the decision to demolish the old site. It was our first full-ecommerce site. I had spent alot of time on it. The webstore was launched in year 2011 and it is coming to the 4th year of service. I think it is time to give it a facelift.

What I didn’t plan was to use our dot com again.

Welcome to Queenbels

We started on a dot com when we had our own paid hosting but we launched our full-ecommerce on a During these time, I notice the .sg was forgotten quite often when people emailed us and that resulted in bounced emails. So in the middle of the migration, I made a last minute decision to put the new site on our dot com. I think it sounds nice and sweet; I hope you like the new webstore and have a better shopping experience online. Feel free to email us at if you have anything to feedback on the new webstore.

It was also on top of the list to put up the sweet perks we have been offering in store, which has been sitting in my work files but I hadn’t got round to put it in proper formatting and presentation.

The membership scheme was launched when we launched the private showroom. It was given free to our long-time customers, who are also our VVIPs, to express our ‘Thank You’ for their long time support. This new perk eats into our margin but frankly speaking, we would not have got to where we are now without their long time support.

We extended the membership scheme to new customers when they reached the minimum spending sum. There were two discount rates offered but I have streamlined it after the lunar new year. I have put in a new clause too to protect the interests of our VVIPs, that is, members are deemed to have given up their membership if they have not make any apparel purchase at Queenbels in store, within one year, counting from their last date of purchase. You can read the membership scheme in detail here:

Membership Perks

With the above, we will no longer give random discounts to non-members. Sometimes I get walk-in customers who asked for discounts when they bought a few pieces of clothing. I didn’t want to disappoint some of them because they were really nice customers. However, this is not fair to the customers who had spent the minimum sum to get the membership in order to enjoy the discount. So join our membership today to enjoy the perks too.

I will try to do online specials on our webstore. However, do note that designs listed on our webstore are not available in store.


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