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I want to do a shoutout here for our Team Singapore.

Please go support our sportsmen and sportswomen at their events at the 28th SEA Games Singapore!

It is not often that we have such a large scale of sports event in Singapore so it is really worth the time to watch some of these competitive sports live. Tickets are available here.

If you want me to name one sport that I like, it will be swimming. I did swimming solely for exercise purposes for a couple of years, during and after my tertiary education. Almost every weekend, my cousins and I would meet up and swam. We could spend almost 3/4 of the day swimming and then had late lunch then make our way home. I was quite built up at a point when my shoulders were quite broad and I had toned arms.

The school holidays are coming and I think this is a good event to attend on your own for students across all levels and for the parents to bring their younger children. It is a good chance to show them the various sports, how the sports are played and get to know our Team Singapore.

There are very awesome Sea Games merchandises too that I think is worth to collect. Some of the pins feature our landmarks and festivals. And I have got myself a Happy National Day Pin at their store outside Ngee Ann City.

Happy National Day Pin

Happy National Day Pin

And last but not least, the Songs of the Games are really good! Especially ‘Unbreakable‘ which really impressed me and I have it playing on the repeat! Full of fighting spiriting here!

All the best Team Singapore!


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