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Great Singapore SALE!

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Today is the fourth day of the Great Singapore SALE and thank you so much for the support.

GSS 2015

All paid orders will be despatched to the post office on every Monday unless it is a public holiday and mailing will resume on the next business day. We are not able to allow self-collection in store because it is going to be very difficult to coordinate the logistics on my own so I seek your kind understanding on that. Rest assured that we will keep you informed of the shipping status of your online purchases.

We actually started the sale two days before the actual date. We made the sales items available to the VVIPs earlier so that they can grab the items they want before we launch them to the public.

The initial plan was to transport all sales items to the shop and display them for customers to shop and buy. Looking at the limited space available, I decided to put up the sales items on our webstore instead, which I think is much easier to manage and customers are able to shop the sales items anytime they want, 24/7.

I have been asked what the star buys are.

Stephie Studs Cami is a must buy. I had this cami in two colours; pink and fuchsia. This is so comfortable to wear during the really warm months like May and June. It is made of cotton, very light weight and soft to the touch. You can do outdoor activities in it and it is also a good match with denim for a casual outfit.

Stephie Studs Cami in Fuchsia

Stephie Studs Cami in Pink Stephie-Studs-Cami-in-Blue-Gray

Amy Abstract Top is a one piece clothing, two-way wear. This can be worn as a tube top and also as a short skirt.

If you are going to wear this as a top, there are so many different bottom pieces you can match it with. Shorts, denim skirts, pencil skirts, legging pants, you name it. Tried and tested; Amy Abstract Top + jacket + pencil skirt and you are ready for work.


If you are going to wear it as a skirt, I will suggest to match it with a solid colour top piece. There are two colours available and we have it in blue too.


Suzann Side Gathers Dress is one of the first few cotton satin blend dresses that I have brought in. I know some of the customers who have bought this dress at the first launch still have this dress as a staple in their wardrobe. The colour is still very mint. If you are looking at buying a dress with special details, you will not want to miss this, at such a great price.


Avril Silver Pins n Beads Dress was the only dress among the rocker chic design I have brought in for the shop and was for a very special customer. You can use your creativity to re-arrange the beads. The pins are removable and you can play around with the beads to come up with different details.


Don’t miss the Isabel Shift Dress. This is really gorgeous for work, especially for days when you have a dinner to attend after work. Simple and elegant. I like.

Isabel Shift Dress

This is the first time we are participating in the GSS as a merchant and I hope you like the super awesome deals I have prepared for you online. We have also prepared good buys in-store and maybe, maybe there will be spring surprises too. Stay tuned on our Facebook page for instant updates.

If you have any questions on our products, please email us at

Happy Shopping!


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