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Here we are at the last month of the Great Singapore SALE 2015.

The in-store edition was launched on 19 June 2015 and the response has been good so far. Regulars came to get new colours for the designs that they have bought previously. This is a good chance to try new colours that they haven’t worn at all and I am glad that they are loving my recommendations.

We have never done sales before in the shop and long time customers know this very well. But I have really ran out of space and these one piece designs are occupying quite an area in the shop so I have to clear these designs.

Let me list down the good buys that you really shouldn’t miss. These designs are the ones that customers grabbed everything so quickly that I don’t even have the chance to take proper catalogue photos of them.

First up; Glamour Bling Chiffon Blouse.

I remembered wearing this design on the same day I put them up in the shop. Oh boy! Some of the regulars flocked down on the same day after seeing my outfit photo on Facebook and everything was sold within that week. I had to restock colours Fuchsia and Black because there were demands. We are now down to the last one piece each for these two colours and I have put them up under the ‘One Piece Special’ section going at 30% OFF the retail price. It’s now or never because I will not bring these back again.

Next up; Precious Gem Embellishment Blouse.

This blouse is such an elegant number and is one of the most versatile blouses that goes very well with jackets/blazers. You can do away with necklaces when you wear this blouse and all you need is a nice pair of earrings. Match with pencil skirts/pants for work and denim/shorts for leisure. This is one of my most often worn blouses to-date.

Nana Blouse with Embroidery on Organza was love at first sight. I think customers who know me long enough will know that I love Peranakan-inspired fashion details. Blouses with details around the neckline are the ones you should add to your daily apparel staple because these details are like accessories that add highlights to your facial area.

The Royal Button Panel Lace Chiffon Blouse was one of the first few collar blouses that I have brought in. This is very suitable if you are working in a corporate environment that needs you to wear collar blouses beneath suits. I chose to wear it with shorts to show how this can look equally good on leisure days.

I hope you like what I have listed for you so far. There are many more designs that I think you should see for yourself.

Because we are already at the last month of GSS 2015, we will be open on most Saturdays for all of you to shop the in-store specials. Please stay on our Facebook page for updates. Do note that this is the final sale, meaning no further mark-downs so don’t hesitate to grab the ones you like.

If you have any questions on our products, please email us at

See you in store!



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