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And The Celebration Begins!

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And so, we kick-start Queenbels birthday month celebration last Saturday. In a blink of an eye, we are turning six this August 2015.

We Are Turning Six!

We Are Turning Six!

It has become a tradition that we hold a month long celebration in store since our cosy boutique opens doors.

This year, we are celebrating in ways we have not done before.

Firstly, we have increased the in-store discount to 15% off storewide all apparel for our VVIPs and members. Thank you so much for your everlasting strong, awesome support all these years. Big ‘Thank You’!

I have never specially mention this before for so many years. We have the honour to share the same birthday month as our nation, Singapore. This year is a very special year because Singapore is celebrating her 50th birthday, 50 years of independence. I was very thrilled when the Jubilee SGD50 celebration kicked in and as much as I wanted to do a tie-up in the name of SGD50 and Queenbels, we have very little resources to do so on a sizeable scale. But still, I want to do my little part to spread the joy of the nation turning 50 years old, while we celebrate our birthday too.

So this year, for the first time, I have prepared 50 gift packs to give away with a minimum spending of SGD50 nett in one single receipt in store. I wanted to get red bags for these gift packs but the nearest I can get is pink, which is quite a pretty colour. There are different items inside and I hope you get something you like.


We are doing a special membership drive this August. You only need to spend a minimum of SGD50 nett in one single receipt in store to become our member. The usual minimum spending is SGD300 in one single receipt. These are the perks that our members enjoy:

And also for the first time, I have prepared 50 hair ties that I made myself using the remaining fabric from making the kisslock products, to give away in the shop. You only need to walk in and say these magic words;

Happy Birthday Queenbels!

and you get one of these free! One per person and while stocks last.

I have a wish to do a meaningful give-back to the society once these 50 hair ties are all given out to 50 persons. I will share the details if my wish comes true!

We will be bringing the night shopping back this year too so stay tuned for more details.

See you in store!


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