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We Are Six. Founder’s Speech.

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We are six!

Queenbels officially turns six today, 30 August 2015.

Six years just pass in a blink of an eye. It has been an amazing journey.

On this day six years ago, I pressed the ‘Publish’ button on WordPress and Queenbels was launched. Anyone remembered this?

We only had a mannequin, the clothes and a camera. I even refused to snap the photos at home against a plain wall and enlisted my husband’s help to bring everything out. He was both the clothes rack and the handyman throughout the shoot.

Soon after, we began to engage models to wear our clothes and do better catalog photography. From random outdoor venues to sponsored photography venues. Thank you for the kind weather, the sponsored venues and all the pretty models who modeled for Queenbels.

Over these few years, I have successfully introduced numerous unique apparel designs to my clients. From jersey material with allowance, to chiffon with fitted designs. From apparel with simple details to elaborate ones. From norm market apparel colours to a whole new spectrum of colours, including colours that we were told not meant for Asian skin colour. Who says we cannot wear colours like lemon yellow? Just pick the right shade. I have very awesome clients to thank for, for having the trust in me that I have picked the right designs in the right colours for them. Because of your faith in me, I am able to continue to do what I am doing now. Thank you.

And because of your support and encouragement, I began making a product which I proudly put our label on; the kisslock products. The kisslock products have been making good progress since the launch in year 2012. From purse to mini clutch bags and now to functional bag charms. I will continue to explore new shapes and sizes which you will love very much.

Looking at what we have today, we have alot to thank for. I thank my lucky stars for bringing the most awesome clients to Queenbels whom many of them have become my friends. It is my good fortune to have met these good people along the way, helping me in one way or another. No matter how time has passed, you awesome kind souls will always be on my mind.

Sign Off With Lots of Love,


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