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Everyone Loves A Handsew With Love

The other day, I asked myself, if I receive a handsew purse or clutch bag on my birthday, what would I feel?

When I completed Merry Dots Kisslock Purse that day, I stared at the purse and many thoughts came to the mind. I imagined what I would feel if I am the recipient of this gift.

Delighted, heart-warming and appreciation.

And I will keep this person in mind for a very long time for picking out such a beautiful gift.

I think this is what gifting is all about. To see the big wide smile on the recipient’s face.

I did a quick count today. I have been sewing the kisslocks for three years already. To see a personal DIY project evolved into a growing business, a handsew purse which has become a top choice of gift, the feeling is surreal.

I am lucky to meet people who like what I have made. These awesome people also helped spread word about my handsew with love kisslocks and brought new customers to me. For that, thank you very much.

I hope to discover more pretty fabric prints, unique frames and develop new purse/clutch bag shapes. To also keep getting better at the sewing, making each stitch better each time.

Sign Off With Lots of Love,

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