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How Do I Choose My Bags To Match My Outfits

I get questions quite often on how do I choose my bags to go with my outfits.

Bags are just like my earrings, necklaces, rings, are accessories, a functional one that carries my personal belongings when I head out. It should complement and must not overtake my outfit for the day.

How Do I Choose My Bags

Here are a few main points I run through in my head when a bag catches my eye.

1) Colour

Before I go out to acquire a new bag, I make a mental note of what colours I have in my wardrobe now. I categorise my apparel colours into two main spectrums; cool (eg. blue, green) and warm (eg. red, yellow).

Generally, bags in nude (think of colour like pinkish beige)and black colours are the safe colours most ladies go for. However, sometimes nude colour is too safe a colour and doesn’t play up your outfit. Black is a strong colour and it can be too much contrast with most apparel colours. Even with full black colour outfit, I don’t recommend a black colour bag.

Over the years, I have invested in a few trend lasting bags. They are mostly in shades of gold, dark camel, toffee, milk chocolate brown, pink and sky blue. These are the ones I will carry when I wear my pastel shades apparel. I pay attention to the colour of the hardware too. Black, red, pink colour bags with gold hardware is classy. I usually carry black, red, pink bags when I wear apparel in warm shades.

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2) Size

Unless you are travelling out of the country, you are just going out for a day, be it to work or just to run an errand, so there is no need to carry the whole world with you. Leave your tablet and any other gadgets at home if you don’t need it for work. So essentially you have your wallet, keys, a vanity pouch, mobile phone and maybe an umbrella. Look for a bag in a size that fits just nice for your personal belongings. If you really need to lug a big bag around, with many things inside, try to hand carry instead of over your shoulders. Long period of heavy bags on your shoulders is bad for the back and waist.

I go for top-handle handbags of about 25-30cm base length, especially when I am in a dress. If I must use a handbag with sling, it will be no bigger than an A4 size.

Think about it;
Wearing a flowy chiffon pleats dress, big tote bag on shoulder.
Not a good idea.

I like to go mini. For a mini bag, I look for one with compartments so that I can slot in my cards and dollar notes. Such mini bag is like a jumbo wallet with sling attached and houses my mobile phone and keys while I am on the move.

Rule of thumb, the bigger the bag, the more stuff you will put inside. So, time to de-clutter your bag.

3) Brand

Do your research. I don’t buy brands. I buy bags. I am not a die hard fan of any specific bag brands and I don’t encourage you to be one. From time to time, there will be new brands in the market and I think it is good to explore and get to know new brands. Getting to know a brand before I put my money down is something I like to do. The make, the thoughts behind the design, are things the designer of the bag is very proud of and I think buyers should learn to appreciate. When it comes to buying bags, I find that it’s a very personal thing. Don’t buy to impress and don’t buy a particular brand simply because other people have it too. I was saying this jokingly to someone, that buying a bag is like finding a boyfriend. It’s very personal and cannot take reference.

I am not going to recommend any specific “good” bag brands because like I have said earlier, buy a bag, not a brand. Think about your requirements of a bag, allocated budget (spend within your limits) and what you really like.

4) Upkeep

I was asked too, how I upkeep my bags. My way of upkeeping is to keep using them. I rotate my bags very frequently, because I make it a point to carry a bag that complements my outfit. Bags are bought to be used, not to keep and store like an antique. Especially leather goods. The more you use it, the more seasoned it is, the more beautiful it will become. Don’t worry about if your luxury bag is going to fall apart if you keep using it. By the time if it really falls apart, you would have use it for a very long time already and the cost per use is already accountable for.

If you have any questions or if you have good bag buying tips to share, do leave me a comment below or email to

Happy bag shopping.


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