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Why It Is So

I have always like to do snapshots of my outfit of the day this way.

I Wear Queenbels Guess My Outfit

It shows almost everything I am wearing outside for the day. It includes the shoes and the bag that I have picked to match my outfit. And also the recommended bottom piece to go with if I am wearing a top piece from Queenbels.

And if I can make it, I will do a full body snapshot like this:

I Wear Queenbels Passion Pleats Blouse and Nicole Drape Vest

Or if I have someone with me, I will do shoots like this:


It is a straight forward and simple business for me when it comes to taking snapshots of my outfit for the day. The utmost important thing is to portray the outfit that I have put together with the apparel carried by Queenbels.

If I am wearing a dress for the day, the focus will be on showing how that particular dress looks like on myself.

If I am wearing a blouse for the day, the focus will be on showing how that top piece looks like on myself, the recommended bottom piece to match the top piece.

If I am wearing an outer wear, the focus will be on showing what I layer it with.

I make sure the photos are informative (where I get the accessories, shoes from), useful and as clear as possible. So you won’t find me doing special stunts or effects kind of photo.

It says alot about how I run Queenbels too. It’s very straight-forward at Queenbels. I sell clothes. I sell clothes that I have specially picked for my regular close clients. We don’t have gimmicks here. We don’t do crazy sales nor have yoyo prices. We price our merchandises accordingly and I try my best to bring the most beautiful apparel to you at the best price possible. We will not sell you horrible stuffs, at all. We do what we can within our resources to bring you the best shopping experience in our cosy space.

So if you are looking for a lady apparel boutique to put your money on quality womenswear, uniquely detailed dresses at very affordable prices and personal good service from myself, you should come to Queenbels and nowhere else.



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