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This Christmas

Ho Ho Ho!

It’s the festive season again and I am astonished at how time has gone by at an incredible speed.

This is our 4th Christmas at our humble space and no matter how busy I am, I always make sure we put up Christmas decoration in the shop to bring that Christmas cheer on. As most of you know, I don’t celebrate Christmas as a religion but I have always like the heart-warming feeling lingering in the air. This is also the time that I express my appreciation to the people around me and do some in-store specials.

12 Days To Christmas


If you have been staying with us on our Facebook page, you will know that we are doing a special of 30% off a design a day. I still have a handful of the one piece designs in store and I really need to free up the space for more new designs. These one piece designs that are going at 30% off, are what I am wearing too and I promise, you will love them as much as I do.

And we have revealed the first design last Thursday, 3 December 2015; Pearls on Cape Chiffon Blouse in Cyan Blue, which is already sold on the same day.

The second design was Precious Gem Embellishment Blouse in Olive Green. I cannot say enough how this is a must keep. Look at how pretty it looks on myself.

We have upcoming 10 designs to reveal so check our Facebook page promptly everyday from now till 18 December 2015.

Specials for VVIPs and Members

It has been quite a year. There were some hiccups and it was really a hurdle we have to cross. What really gave us the courage to overcome the hurdle was the support from each and everyone of you. Thank you for staying with us during this whole time and we came back well.

New designs were presented to VVIPs and members last week. I was very selective with the details on each item so though the selection is not wide, we promise you no rubbish at all.

All VVIPs and members have already received a secret Santa message from myself. I am not going to reveal the details here, well because it’s exclusively, only for our VVIPs and members.

In-store Special; 15% OFF SGD199, gift packs and more

Non-members, we did not forget you. We know you will come to Queenbels for your dresses for the year end parties, dinners, lunches, meet-ups with friends. You will get to enjoy 15% off storewide on regular-priced apparel with minimum spending of SGD199. Valid from 3 – 23 December 2015.

One thing to note is, we do not have post-Christmas sale, which I think you will know by now if you have been shopping with us for the past years. So don’t wait. Grab that dress or blouse that you want before it is sold out.

We will be extending the shopping hours from 15 December 2015 to 23 December 2015, both dates inclusive. We will wrap up on 23 December 2015 and take a break till 28 December 2015.

Before I sign off, this is the Christmas song that is currently on my playlist:


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