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Make It Happen

It’s just an hour or so to year 2016.

And I have alot to thank for in 2015.

Though some business matters did not go according to my plans, there were encounters that brought a few things to me that I may never or won’t have the chance to even give it a thought amidst the daily hectic schedule.

And it is really important to look on the bright side, like what some say;

‘Dance in the rain’

I have never like to talk about problems. Talking about problems is like a merry-go-round. Nothing is solved. Work on it. Working on problems brings solution. And sometimes pleasant surprises happen.

In 2016, I have one motto;

‘Make It Happen’

From presenting bulk new designs once a month, we are moving towards having new designs bi-weekly. You will see a change in the style, the fabric and the make. And you will chiffon and pleats in a different way.

I am very thankful that you awesome ladies like the new designs so much, the great support, and the faith in our merchandises. Thank you very very much.

See you in 2016.


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