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Your Notes, My Thoughts

I particularly love this Hong Kong drama.

That was in year 2006 when I watched it on local TV. I love the characters and the theme song to the bits. I think the production team did a great job in the cast selection and the theme song that left such a deep impression. I even bought the complete DVD set because I wanted to watch it in Cantonese. Guess who is my favourite character?

When the sequel came in year 2013, I was very, very hyped up. I wonder if my favourite character is still on board the flight and who are the new characters. I like how the storyline flowed but I like the first theme song more.

I think I took such a liking to the drama probably because I have never been on a plane ride until very much later compared to most of my peers who took their plane rides in their teens. Those days, there were no budget airlines and air tickets start at four digit price tags. Now, with very affordable air ticket prices and accommodation bookings made so accessible on the internet, people take off almost anytime they want.

And now, I flew more than I wished for.

When I saw this cute twin planes in red and blue stripes, I did not hesitate to name the shirtdress ‘Triumph In The Skies Shirtdress’. It’s more like a badge than a brooch to me and I choose to wear it on the collar because I find it so smart looking. Whenever I wear it, I instantly stand very tall.



Because of the little notes you cute people have been sending me every now and then, this shirtdress is such a crowd pleaser. You will know what I am talking about if you have been wearing it. Fabric used is perfect for the current blow hot blow cold weather ie rain for an hour, sunny for the next couple of hours and rain again.

I have always been careful when I introduce apparel designed primarily for leisure days. I go by the rule; simple but not sloppy, comfy but not shabby.

Collars always upmarket an apparel design and the dip hem for the back piece made it more interesting.



May your new apparel bring you good energy just like the name; Triumph In The Skies.


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