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Close To The Heart

I had my first ‘bomber style’ jacket way back in year 2005. It’s a piece from Adidas. A special edition design, very sporty and screams ‘Racer’.

It accompanied me on several trips out of Singapore. Kept me cosy on board planes. I even worn it to my first F1 race (as a spectator of course). While most girls will go for cardigans, it’s this track jacket for me. I really like that it is smart-looking and I wished, there were other variations that I can wear with other outfits.

A little more about track jacket. Track jacket is also commonly known as baseball jacket. The outer look of the jacket can get very interesting with different material, colours, details, length and there is no thermal lining. Most major sportswear brands have track jackets under their labels.

A bomber jacket is however, different from a track jacket.

A bomber jacket is also known as a flight jacket, originally created for military pilots. Mostly made of leather in the older days and it essentially functions to keep the wearer warm. Over time it appeals as a trendy fashion wear.

In the recent months, the bomber jacket came into the limelight when a luxury brand took the bomber jacket and created new designs with very unique material, contrasting colours and used embroidery heavily in the patterns. The downside is, the inner lining is not suitable for our local weather, not even when you wear in air-conditioned places.

So you can imagine the excitement when I found designs that we can wear here and you are going to be so spoilt with choices.

The piece that has almost all the details that a trendsetter looks for. The shimmer, the colour combination, the embroidered applique, knit web trim and right down to the zip slider. Take the gold colour if you want to stand out and go for the blue if you like basic colour.


Quilt Bomber Jacket has a beautiful display of embroidery work. The choice of colours in the embroidery stood out and yet don’t clash with the base colour. The overall look is softer and it’s a good choice to start with if you have not worn bomber jackets before.


Spring Leaf Jacket showcases what is prints done right. This has me in awe when I first set my eyes on it. The sporty feel is expressed, by keeping to basic colours, blue and white. The zip slider is a highlight on its own and compliments the jacket perfectly well.


Blue Sea Bomber Jacket is the only one that has a thin layer of thermal lining among all that I have brought in. If you are on our Instagram, you will know what inspired me to bring this in.

This is a look that we can all put together readily. Most of us will have that one pencil skirt and a basic top. Throw on the jacket and the look is complete.

If you like getting a piece of the current trend and want something that has a practical function, bomber jacket is one that you can seriously consider. And I hope you like what I have curated for you.

Guess which one did I keep?


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