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The Beauty Of Threads

Upon upon a time, embroidery works are done by hand. Stitch by stitch, thread by thread, fill up the patterns that were drawn by hand. With the advancement of sewing machinery, the range of embroidery has also expanded.

Like many of you, I favour embroidery more to prints. Embroidery brings patterns to life. The use of a variety of different thread colours, and sometimes include beads, sequins and other embellishments, creates a different character to each apparel design. It’s like expressing the story behind each clothing. The search for exquisite embroidery is always ongoing and the discovery of captivating ones are always delightful.

This season I have shortlisted the most beautiful, wearable embroidery you can ever imagine. There is something for everyone.



 Nothing beats having a day out wearing a dress that is comfortable to the skin and also a piece of art. The choice of red and blue thread colours on both the blue base and the white base is brilliant. The use of the same embroidery pattern on the collar all the way down the button panel completes the entire embroidery display.



If you love embroidery on just one section of your clothing, Butterflies and Floral Gala Dress will be your top choice. How alluring, to see crochet lace wrap around the shoulders and arms. If you are going to a wedding lunch and don’t want to be too elaborate in your dressing, this dress is your best pick.



If you have been wanting a piece of embroidery in your work outfit, The Royal Embroidery Blouse is meant for you. The pointed collar is smart and the embroidered leaf pattern that flows on the edge is so beautiful. The puff 3/4 sleeves complete with cuffs are work appropriate. The pleats before the waist and opens up right down to the hem will be so flattering if you wear it with a pencil skirt.



Pleated and Embroidery Dress will work for those who want embroidery in their clothing and yet not visually eye-catching. This comes in the most welcome basic colours of blue and white. Highly recommended for dress down Friday corporations that don’t allow denims.

Which one have you chose?



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