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Happy Lunar New Year 2016


Thank you very much to each and everyone for coming down to shop at Queenbels before we wrap up for Lunar New Year 2016. Thank you for the tremendous support both in store and online.

We woud like to take this opportunity to wish all who celebrate, Happy Lunar New Year 2016. To everyone, happy holidays!

Make It Happen

It’s just an hour or so to year 2016.

And I have alot to thank for in 2015.

Though some business matters did not go according to my plans, there were encounters that brought a few things to me that I may never or won’t have the chance to even give it a thought amidst the daily hectic schedule.

And it is really important to look on the bright side, like what some say;

‘Dance in the rain’

I have never like to talk about problems. Talking about problems is like a merry-go-round. Nothing is solved. Work on it. Working on problems brings solution. And sometimes pleasant surprises happen.

In 2016, I have one motto;

‘Make It Happen’

From presenting bulk new designs once a month, we are moving towards having new designs bi-weekly. You will see a change in the style, the fabric and the make. And you will chiffon and pleats in a different way.

I am very thankful that you awesome ladies like the new designs so much, the great support, and the faith in our merchandises. Thank you very very much.

See you in 2016.


This Christmas

Ho Ho Ho!

It’s the festive season again and I am astonished at how time has gone by at an incredible speed.

This is our 4th Christmas at our humble space and no matter how busy I am, I always make sure we put up Christmas decoration in the shop to bring that Christmas cheer on. As most of you know, I don’t celebrate Christmas as a religion but I have always like the heart-warming feeling lingering in the air. This is also the time that I express my appreciation to the people around me and do some in-store specials.

12 Days To Christmas


If you have been staying with us on our Facebook page, you will know that we are doing a special of 30% off a design a day. I still have a handful of the one piece designs in store and I really need to free up the space for more new designs. These one piece designs that are going at 30% off, are what I am wearing too and I promise, you will love them as much as I do.

And we have revealed the first design last Thursday, 3 December 2015; Pearls on Cape Chiffon Blouse in Cyan Blue, which is already sold on the same day.

The second design was Precious Gem Embellishment Blouse in Olive Green. I cannot say enough how this is a must keep. Look at how pretty it looks on myself.

We have upcoming 10 designs to reveal so check our Facebook page promptly everyday from now till 18 December 2015.

Specials for VVIPs and Members

It has been quite a year. There were some hiccups and it was really a hurdle we have to cross. What really gave us the courage to overcome the hurdle was the support from each and everyone of you. Thank you for staying with us during this whole time and we came back well.

New designs were presented to VVIPs and members last week. I was very selective with the details on each item so though the selection is not wide, we promise you no rubbish at all.

All VVIPs and members have already received a secret Santa message from myself. I am not going to reveal the details here, well because it’s exclusively, only for our VVIPs and members.

In-store Special; 15% OFF SGD199, gift packs and more

Non-members, we did not forget you. We know you will come to Queenbels for your dresses for the year end parties, dinners, lunches, meet-ups with friends. You will get to enjoy 15% off storewide on regular-priced apparel with minimum spending of SGD199. Valid from 3 – 23 December 2015.

One thing to note is, we do not have post-Christmas sale, which I think you will know by now if you have been shopping with us for the past years. So don’t wait. Grab that dress or blouse that you want before it is sold out.

We will be extending the shopping hours from 15 December 2015 to 23 December 2015, both dates inclusive. We will wrap up on 23 December 2015 and take a break till 28 December 2015.

Before I sign off, this is the Christmas song that is currently on my playlist:


Annual Night Shopping

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We are back with our Annual Night Shopping!

Last year was the first year we held a night shopping during Queenbels’ birthday month and we held it on two Friday nights. This year, we are going to hold only one night shopping so don’t miss it.

And I have decided on a theme this year; The Whimsical.

Just for today ie 21 August 2015, walk in wearing any of the whimsical apparel featured in this photo and enjoy 15% OFF all apparel storewide.

Whimsical Selections I and II

Don’t forget the hair ties that I have specially prepared for you. These are actually fabric buttons that I made using the remaining fabric from the kisslock products. Every hair tie comes with a discount card.

It’s absolutely free. Just walk in and say three magic words; Happy Birthday Queenbels! and you get one of these free.

I have purposely coincide the Night Shopping with the Singapore Night Festival. I personally like this event very much and I think why not keep the shop open and join in the fun. There will be many activities on the street level. I think this is going to be my favourite;

If you have always wanted to shop at our cosy boutique, and have also planned to come for the Singapore Night Festival, there is no better time than this Friday ie 21 August 2015.

How to get to Queenbels? If you are coming via train, which I highly recommend, alight at Bras Basah MRT Station (Circle Line). Look for Exit C. When you reach Exit C, turn RIGHT, walk up the concourse and you will see my cosy shop within a minute.

Shirley Low

And The Celebration Begins!

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And so, we kick-start Queenbels birthday month celebration last Saturday. In a blink of an eye, we are turning six this August 2015.

We Are Turning Six!

We Are Turning Six!

It has become a tradition that we hold a month long celebration in store since our cosy boutique opens doors.

This year, we are celebrating in ways we have not done before.

Firstly, we have increased the in-store discount to 15% off storewide all apparel for our VVIPs and members. Thank you so much for your everlasting strong, awesome support all these years. Big ‘Thank You’!

I have never specially mention this before for so many years. We have the honour to share the same birthday month as our nation, Singapore. This year is a very special year because Singapore is celebrating her 50th birthday, 50 years of independence. I was very thrilled when the Jubilee SGD50 celebration kicked in and as much as I wanted to do a tie-up in the name of SGD50 and Queenbels, we have very little resources to do so on a sizeable scale. But still, I want to do my little part to spread the joy of the nation turning 50 years old, while we celebrate our birthday too.

So this year, for the first time, I have prepared 50 gift packs to give away with a minimum spending of SGD50 nett in one single receipt in store. I wanted to get red bags for these gift packs but the nearest I can get is pink, which is quite a pretty colour. There are different items inside and I hope you get something you like.


We are doing a special membership drive this August. You only need to spend a minimum of SGD50 nett in one single receipt in store to become our member. The usual minimum spending is SGD300 in one single receipt. These are the perks that our members enjoy:

And also for the first time, I have prepared 50 hair ties that I made myself using the remaining fabric from making the kisslock products, to give away in the shop. You only need to walk in and say these magic words;

Happy Birthday Queenbels!

and you get one of these free! One per person and while stocks last.

I have a wish to do a meaningful give-back to the society once these 50 hair ties are all given out to 50 persons. I will share the details if my wish comes true!

We will be bringing the night shopping back this year too so stay tuned for more details.

See you in store!


Love Me Love Me, Say That You Love Me!

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How not to love?

Every time before I present a new selection, my heart flutters. Especially when I know what I have in mind has materialise.

I love to share the story behind each new selection. This is how the selection comes about.

This time, I have extended my love for pearls to the latest selection.

You know how I love pearls.

At Queenbels, you see classic and elegant designs. This is what we do. We look for gorgeous details that complete a dress.

I have heard from ladies who experience difficulties trying to find suitable necklaces to match their dresses. You can strike this off the list when you wear the Love Me Pearls Mesh Top Chiffon Dress. The mesh top and the faux pearls across the ptp completely replace the need for a necklace. All you need is a simple pair of earring studs and maybe an accessory ring.

Love Me Pearls Mesh Top Chiffon Dress is one such dress you need. It totally brings you from day to night, from office to dinner date, with only a change of shoes.

Now what colour to pick for youself? If you have fair skin tone, you are one lucky girl who is able to pull off all the colours. If you have darker skin tone like myself, I recommend the pastel colours, Baby Pink and Baby Blue.

Love Me Pearls Mesh Top Chiffon Dress

Love Me Pearls Mesh Top Chiffon Dress

Here’s another dress that saves you the headache of finding a necklace.

Pearls Peterpan Choker Collar Chiffon Dress is one gorgeous and elegant number. The entire peterpan collar is embellished with faux pearls. The position of the collar is where one will wear a choker necklace. This dress has also incorporate part of a halter dress design where the sleeve holes show more of your shoulders. Time to show off your sexy shoulders.

Comes in colours Baby Pink, Royal Blue and Black. Guess what colours have I kept?

Pearls Peterpan Choker Collar Chiffon Dress in Baby Pink

Pearls Peterpan Choker Collar Chiffon Dress in Baby Pink

Pearls Peterpan Choker Collar Chiffon Dress in Royal Blue

Pearls Peterpan Choker Collar Chiffon Dress in Royal Blue

You may ask me, is this too elaborate to wear to work? Should I go home to change instead if I have to attend a special occasion? If you are afraid that this is too elaborate for your work environment, this is when your blazer, shrug, wrap or cardigan comes into use. A cropped blazer should do the trick.


Happy Lunar New Year 2014!

Happy Lunar New Year!


By the lunar calendar, today is the eleventh day of the lunar new year. The celebration goes on for fifteen days!

It has been a wonderful Lunar New Year. I took the chance to take a good rest, spent good time with my husband and met up with some friends. Head over to my Instagram where I have shared snapshots of the Lunar New Year happenings on my household front.

The lunar new year is a largely celebrated occasion by all the Chinese worldwide. There are traditional practices to observe and festive food will be served. The most important thing is family members gather together and have reunion dinner.

Before the celebration begins, it is usually a very busy period for all retailers and the service industry. We were just two days away from the big day when we wrapped up our last work day!

Thank you so much to everyone who shop at Queenbels for their lunar new year outfits! This has got to be one of the biggest selection I have presented!

See what I have kept from this selection! And this is only part of the designs I have kept for the Lunar New Year! More designs are on our Facebook page

My Lunar New Year outfits

The Kam Kam Polka Dots Chiffon Dress in Bright Orange is my top pick. I love the colour so much because it gives a cheery vibe and it’s in polka dots!

I Wear Queenbels Kam Kam Polka Dots Chiffon Dress in Bright Orange

Me and my Kam Kam Polka Dots Chiffon Dress in Bright Orange!

They wear Queenbels! I have super awesome sweet customers who sent me their outfit snapshots during the Lunar New Year wearing Queenbels! Thank you so much for loving and wearing Queenbels!

They wear Queenbels!

They wear Queenbels!

We have resumed business today ie 10 February 2014 so that you can come and shop your outfits for the coming Valentine’s Day. I am sure you will find that special dress for your Valentine, right here at Queenbels.

I will see you all in store!


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