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Over The Weekend

This is the first year that I sat down and watch fashion shows on the screen.

In the past, I rely alot on magazines for still photos and by the time the magazines hit the rack, it would have been at least a month after the fashion shows. Even the videos on the internet are snippets.

With the rise of social media, brands are using various social media platforms to reach out to more people almost real time.

It is the season of fashion weeks. It is also the season major international fashion house showcase their Spring Summer 2018 collection.

New York Fashion Week, followed by London Fashion Week and now the happening as we speak Paris Fashion Week.

I followed the New York Fashion Week quite closely and these are my top two favourites.


Gianni Versace was the founder and the designer of Versace. This year is the 20th anniversary of his death. His sister, Donatella Francesca put together a tribute collection showcasing his iconic designs. You will see many of his glorious designs that are still very sought after twenty years later.

She also invited the models whom her brother engaged frequently for his past shows to make a special appearance.

Watch on for the golden appearance of Carla Bruni, Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford and Helena Christensen.


The colours are so calm and alluring.

Pay very close attention to the bags the models carried. New bag straps are coming, mini bucket bags are so cute that I can’t help but to keep rewinding the videos.

Peek or cold shoulders is going to stay for the next season. For those who have already acquired peek/cold shoulders pieces from us, you are on point.

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Some of you may think;

“What’s the point of watching these big brands? I am not going to spend that kind of money.”

or maybe

“I don’t have that kind of money to splurge on clothes and bags.”

If you haven’t notice, the major international fashion brands are the indicators of what’s trending and very soon you will see similar styles springing up in the high street stores that many of you go to. Even the small local fashion online stores will have a fraction of inspired styles that you see on the runway.

So, if you have a particular style that you must stick to no matter what, you might want to start looking around for them and stash them away for the upcoming festive seasons before everything is sold out in your size.

It’s time to start contacting your personal shopper.


And We Are 7. Founder’s Speech.

Queenbels Is Seven

This womenswear business of mine celebrated her 7th birthday on 30 August 2016. I am feeling so surreal that we have come this far. Sometimes I don’t know how I did all these on my own, every single damn thing from start to completion. The buckets of blood puked when things just don’t go the way it should be. There are days I wanted to call it quits and just throw everything away but I bounced back stronger each time I hit a wall.

The past year hasn’t been easy as I push new business models. There were alot of frustration, days when I get angry with myself and completely blank minds. I encountered bad people who somehow found their way into my path. I am lucky that such people were weed out very quickly because I stay very alert and focused. Sometimes when things are too good to be true, it is too good to be true. My heart is filled with gratitude towards all the helping hands that came along the way and people who have showed kindness.

Cheers to many more good years ahead and may the business blossom beautifully. Thank you to all who have supported this far.

Signed off with lots of love,

What’s In and Behind

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Good things really come in small packages.

This time you see pleats on the sleeves. What do the sleeves remind you of?

Yes, trumpet sleeves.

I wanted to introduce trumpet sleeves for quite awhile but I know the sleeves may not be very welcome when handling certain tasks like washing your hands, getting dishes. So when Luxy Pleats & Nautical Blouse came up, I know this is the one.

Luxy Pleats & Nautical Blouse is such an interesting number with little pleasing surprises. Made of good quality cotton, comfy to the skin, it’s your throw on and go type of blouse. The nautical detail at inner hem, front and back gives you a little peek-a-nautical surprise when you move. Definitely appropriate for work and a presentable piece for leisure.

You may ask: “What bottom piece should I wear this blouse with?”

With our Mini Patch Pocket Skirt.

Like I said, we will have you covered, from body to bottom.


First timer in store, a bare driff blouse. This is by far the boldest design we have in store.



It’s a fun number if you ask me what my first impression was. Very appropriate for the current tolerant level testing weather. The big fold on the back organza piece on each side create this cloak effect that stays away from your back and allows plenty of air to flow through. Trust me, this is very necessary in this current heat. Did I keep it? Major YES.

The next one that came up was an understatement piece that I have brought in for ladies who want that clean, structured look.


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Neat. Precision.

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The highlight is the nautical piping that roll round the armholes, neckline and hem. Very neat and well made. Look at it for yourself.



We are not finished yet. More happy details behind. A nice neat bow in stripes. Not for decorating purpose. It is actually a button, a functional one that opens up the neckline more to ease pulling a blouse over your head, especially when you have your makeup on.


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It's a bow, it's a button.

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Enticing detail.

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You cannot miss this if you have always wanted a nice, neat, crease-free blouse to go with a blazer for work and also a very good choice for the weekends.

I hope you like what I have presented in store.

I meet different people in the shop and I learn new things everyday. It is always on my mind to keep improving and do my best, including taking care of the smallest detail in order to provide the best service I can. Over time, I observe that when customers check prices on each merchandise, they tend to fumble and do a peep down from the neckline to look for that price tag. I have ease that for you by placing the price tags at very visible level. And yes there is a price tag to each and every apparel and product we put up for selling in store (we do the same in the early days even when we don’t have a permanent space yet). We don’t pluck random numbers from the sky each time you check prices.

We have a little surprise for you on every price tag so don’t toss it away.



Thank you so much for supporting Queenbels and staying with us. I will be back soon to share more shoppe updates.


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