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What You Cannot Miss

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Here we are at the last month of the Great Singapore SALE 2015.

The in-store edition was launched on 19 June 2015 and the response has been good so far. Regulars came to get new colours for the designs that they have bought previously. This is a good chance to try new colours that they haven’t worn at all and I am glad that they are loving my recommendations.

We have never done sales before in the shop and long time customers know this very well. But I have really ran out of space and these one piece designs are occupying quite an area in the shop so I have to clear these designs.

Let me list down the good buys that you really shouldn’t miss. These designs are the ones that customers grabbed everything so quickly that I don’t even have the chance to take proper catalogue photos of them.

First up; Glamour Bling Chiffon Blouse.

I remembered wearing this design on the same day I put them up in the shop. Oh boy! Some of the regulars flocked down on the same day after seeing my outfit photo on Facebook and everything was sold within that week. I had to restock colours Fuchsia and Black because there were demands. We are now down to the last one piece each for these two colours and I have put them up under the ‘One Piece Special’ section going at 30% OFF the retail price. It’s now or never because I will not bring these back again.

Next up; Precious Gem Embellishment Blouse.

This blouse is such an elegant number and is one of the most versatile blouses that goes very well with jackets/blazers. You can do away with necklaces when you wear this blouse and all you need is a nice pair of earrings. Match with pencil skirts/pants for work and denim/shorts for leisure. This is one of my most often worn blouses to-date.

Nana Blouse with Embroidery on Organza was love at first sight. I think customers who know me long enough will know that I love Peranakan-inspired fashion details. Blouses with details around the neckline are the ones you should add to your daily apparel staple because these details are like accessories that add highlights to your facial area.

The Royal Button Panel Lace Chiffon Blouse was one of the first few collar blouses that I have brought in. This is very suitable if you are working in a corporate environment that needs you to wear collar blouses beneath suits. I chose to wear it with shorts to show how this can look equally good on leisure days.

I hope you like what I have listed for you so far. There are many more designs that I think you should see for yourself.

Because we are already at the last month of GSS 2015, we will be open on most Saturdays for all of you to shop the in-store specials. Please stay on our Facebook page for updates. Do note that this is the final sale, meaning no further mark-downs so don’t hesitate to grab the ones you like.

If you have any questions on our products, please email us at

See you in store!


Great Singapore SALE!

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Today is the fourth day of the Great Singapore SALE and thank you so much for the support.

GSS 2015

All paid orders will be despatched to the post office on every Monday unless it is a public holiday and mailing will resume on the next business day. We are not able to allow self-collection in store because it is going to be very difficult to coordinate the logistics on my own so I seek your kind understanding on that. Rest assured that we will keep you informed of the shipping status of your online purchases.

We actually started the sale two days before the actual date. We made the sales items available to the VVIPs earlier so that they can grab the items they want before we launch them to the public.

The initial plan was to transport all sales items to the shop and display them for customers to shop and buy. Looking at the limited space available, I decided to put up the sales items on our webstore instead, which I think is much easier to manage and customers are able to shop the sales items anytime they want, 24/7.

I have been asked what the star buys are.

Stephie Studs Cami is a must buy. I had this cami in two colours; pink and fuchsia. This is so comfortable to wear during the really warm months like May and June. It is made of cotton, very light weight and soft to the touch. You can do outdoor activities in it and it is also a good match with denim for a casual outfit.

Stephie Studs Cami in Fuchsia

Stephie Studs Cami in Pink Stephie-Studs-Cami-in-Blue-Gray

Amy Abstract Top is a one piece clothing, two-way wear. This can be worn as a tube top and also as a short skirt.

If you are going to wear this as a top, there are so many different bottom pieces you can match it with. Shorts, denim skirts, pencil skirts, legging pants, you name it. Tried and tested; Amy Abstract Top + jacket + pencil skirt and you are ready for work.


If you are going to wear it as a skirt, I will suggest to match it with a solid colour top piece. There are two colours available and we have it in blue too.


Suzann Side Gathers Dress is one of the first few cotton satin blend dresses that I have brought in. I know some of the customers who have bought this dress at the first launch still have this dress as a staple in their wardrobe. The colour is still very mint. If you are looking at buying a dress with special details, you will not want to miss this, at such a great price.


Avril Silver Pins n Beads Dress was the only dress among the rocker chic design I have brought in for the shop and was for a very special customer. You can use your creativity to re-arrange the beads. The pins are removable and you can play around with the beads to come up with different details.


Don’t miss the Isabel Shift Dress. This is really gorgeous for work, especially for days when you have a dinner to attend after work. Simple and elegant. I like.

Isabel Shift Dress

This is the first time we are participating in the GSS as a merchant and I hope you like the super awesome deals I have prepared for you online. We have also prepared good buys in-store and maybe, maybe there will be spring surprises too. Stay tuned on our Facebook page for instant updates.

If you have any questions on our products, please email us at

Happy Shopping!


It’s Giveaway Time!

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Oh yeah! Giveaway time!

Recently I did a few voucher giveaways on our Facebook page and Instagram.

Rules were really simple. Simply guess the apparel that I was wearing. The first five correct answers received before the closing time and date, will receive a SGD5 voucher (valid for a month from date of win) for use in store on all regular price apparel. Not to be use in conjunction with any other ongoing promotion and/or privileges. A quick browse of the photo albums on our Facebook page will give you the correct answers.

No, you do not need to do any ‘Like and Share’. And there is no minimum purchase required before you can use the voucher.

image image
image image
image image

Thank you to all who have participated and I hope you had fun playing this simple Q & A voucher giveaway. Do remember that answers are to be submitted to our Facebook page in the comment section below each Q & A held.

It is my way of saying ‘Thank You’ and giving back to customers who had supported Queenbels all this while. I hope you like this giveaway that I have prepared specially for you.

Keep a lookout for more vouchers giveaway on our Facebook page!



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This is the best thing I have done so far this year for the shop;

To get a new webstore.

I know it’s now or I have to wait another year to do this. Migrating to a new site is literally moving house. You have to pack up, put everything on the truck, get to the new place, unpack everything and put everything back in its respective places. The only longer uninterrupted stretch of time I get, to concentrate on a task like that, is during the fifteen days of the lunar new year. So while everyone is celebrating away during that long weekend, I had to sit down and do final information gathering and make a decision before the next business day arrives.

It wasn’t easy to come to the decision to demolish the old site. It was our first full-ecommerce site. I had spent alot of time on it. The webstore was launched in year 2011 and it is coming to the 4th year of service. I think it is time to give it a facelift.

What I didn’t plan was to use our dot com again.

Welcome to Queenbels

We started on a dot com when we had our own paid hosting but we launched our full-ecommerce on a During these time, I notice the .sg was forgotten quite often when people emailed us and that resulted in bounced emails. So in the middle of the migration, I made a last minute decision to put the new site on our dot com. I think it sounds nice and sweet; I hope you like the new webstore and have a better shopping experience online. Feel free to email us at if you have anything to feedback on the new webstore.

It was also on top of the list to put up the sweet perks we have been offering in store, which has been sitting in my work files but I hadn’t got round to put it in proper formatting and presentation.

The membership scheme was launched when we launched the private showroom. It was given free to our long-time customers, who are also our VVIPs, to express our ‘Thank You’ for their long time support. This new perk eats into our margin but frankly speaking, we would not have got to where we are now without their long time support.

We extended the membership scheme to new customers when they reached the minimum spending sum. There were two discount rates offered but I have streamlined it after the lunar new year. I have put in a new clause too to protect the interests of our VVIPs, that is, members are deemed to have given up their membership if they have not make any apparel purchase at Queenbels in store, within one year, counting from their last date of purchase. You can read the membership scheme in detail here:

Membership Perks

With the above, we will no longer give random discounts to non-members. Sometimes I get walk-in customers who asked for discounts when they bought a few pieces of clothing. I didn’t want to disappoint some of them because they were really nice customers. However, this is not fair to the customers who had spent the minimum sum to get the membership in order to enjoy the discount. So join our membership today to enjoy the perks too.

I will try to do online specials on our webstore. However, do note that designs listed on our webstore are not available in store.


New Shopping Hours

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As mentioned last week, wef 1 October 2013, the store new shopping hours are as follow:

New Shopping Hours

New Shopping Hours

With the new shopping hours, I will fix Mondays and Wednesdays the official parcel sending days. The current shipping schedule is, all paid purchases will be despatched to the post office within 24 hours upon receipt of payment.

I used to cope fine until the showroom was started.

There were days I had to disappear from the showroom out of sudden when the amount of work at the back office increased. There were some embarrassing moments when customers turned up and found the showroom not open. Very undesirable situation.

I have also receive more and more request for Saturday shopping hours. Now I can’t work six days a week in the showroom only. There are many other work matters that I need to look after. So if I want to open the shop on Saturdays, I have to take another day away from the showroom during the weekdays.

Sundays and public holidays are my official rest days. Mondays and Wednesdays are not my rest days. I am keeping these two business days to do mailing, run work errands and work on things I want to do for Queenbels. I will still be responding to emails, messages, enquiries on these two days. So feel free to send in all your emails and messages.

On days when there are private viewings or if back office work does not get too much, I may just hop in for a couple of hours. So keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook page for updates.


Bring Your Own Shopping Bag

We kick-start the weekend with a trip to Gardens by the Bay. We are so glad that the sun is staying longer two days before. The rain made the trip impossible last weekend.

I like the Cloud Forest the most. The waterfall is really beautiful.

Gardens By The Bay - Cloud Forest

Gardens By The Bay – Cloud Forest

Before we exit the Cloud Forest, we came to this section, +5 Degrees.

The visuals of how rising temperature around our only home, Earth is affecting everyone in a very negative way. The message is very clear and strong; Saving Gaia.

I have written before how I do my part to reduce waste, do recycling and reuse old products.

One thing I always try to reduce using is paper or plastic bags, especially non-biodegradable plastic products.

The first time I introduced the ‘Bring Your Own Shopping Bag’ reward was at our first mini bazaar. I gave S$1 off the total bill if you bring your own bag for your purchases. The number of paper bags I had to use was greatly reduced.

You may think S$1 off is a tiny amount. It is not about the money, it is about doing our part to reduce waste on our only home, Earth. I think for a start, some kind of token rewards do help to encourage people to bring their own shopping bags.

Before the private showroom was officially launched, I had thought about if I should continue with the ‘Bring Your Own Shopping Bag’ reward. I have this worry that if I don’t provide paper bags, it is not good for the image of the showroom and customers may think I am trying to save on the paper bags.

The visuals that I saw at +5 Degrees reminded me again that I should restart the ‘Bring Your Own Shopping Bag’ reward.

From tomorrow onwards, if you bring your own shopping bag for your purchases at our private showroom, you will enjoy S$1 off the total bill.

A tip to help yourself start bring your own shopping bag:

Find a shopping bag that you love and in your favourite colour.

Most shopping bags are foldable, light-weight, tiny when folded and easy to carry around.

Make it a habit to include it in your essentials things to bring, just like your purse and mobile phone when you head out.

Bring Your Own Shopping Bag and Enjoy S$1 OFF total bill

Bring Your Own Shopping Bag and Enjoy S$1 OFF total bill

Let’s Do Our Part To Save Gaia.


Happy New Year 2013!

Happy New Year 2013!

Happy New Year 2013!

1 Day to New Year 2013!

It has been a great year 2012. Especially in the last quarter of the year.

I thank my lucky stars.

I hope to have your continuing support in the many coming years.

I see you in Year 2013.


P.S. The showroom will be taking a rest on New Year Eve, 31/12/2012 and on New Year Day, 1/1/2013. I will be back in the showroom on 2/1/2013.

I see you.

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