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The Collabs

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From time to time, we see collaborations between companies, artists and designers.

The common ones we know more about, is having a designer signature produced in high street fashion.

The ones that I am going to talk about, it’s the invitation to a designer to design a new range of collection that is outside what they usually produce.

Such collaborations interest me and the designers often share their train of thoughts and the inspiration behind.


With Olivier Rousteing as the Creative Director, Balmain has developed very strong characteristic styles without losing her iconic roots. What really made me sit up and paid attention was their F/W 2014 Collection.

Balmain went into a one off collaboration with H&M in 2015 which had his apparel designs made very affordable and at very accessible price point. Most people will look at such collaborations as ‘designer pieces made cheaper to buy’.

What was really exciting and drew my attention was his collaboration with L’oreal Paris this year.

Balmain x L’oreal Paris

Balmain does not have a beauty line and to me, this is a good type of cross over. For a fashion designer to come up with lipstick colours, it will make interested parties wonder and look forward to what comes up.

Twelve exotic shades, the same attitude, the same energy.


The popular furniture and home furnishing brand. This is also a place where I draw many home interior inspirations.

Ikea began charging for plastic bags in 2007 and made a very bold move to stop issuing plastic bags altogether in 2013. Bringing our own shopping bags is not embedded in our shopping culture here and to just chop away the plastic bags completely, may bring adverse impact to their sales. But they still went ahead to do what was necessary to save Gaia.

Over time, people got used to bringing their own shopping bags and most would have bought one or two of their iconic blue shopping bags for less than a dollar each. Very durable and easy to bring out.

This year, Ikea and Mette Hay came together to redesign the blue shopping bag. Same thing but now in new cool earth shade.

Do you know, a Spanish fashion house launched a new bag which bears an uncanny resemblance to the Ikea blue shopping bag, at a four-digit price tag which had many people went, ‘Really?’?

I am sure I am going to stick to the trust-worthy durable original Ikea bag.


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