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Into The Lace Collars

Before I go into the Christmas greetings for year 2013, I must do a special mention on this blouse.

I rarely do prints and collars. Prints + lace collars is another first for Queenbels.

What make this blouse special is the use of lace peterpan collars in matching colours to the base colour of the blouse. The completed design extrude a vintage feel that is so enchanting. I cannot say no to this blouse.

There was quite a selection of colours and I picked two colours that I think most skin tones can carry very well.

If you have fair skin colour, you will be able to carry both colours. To choose one, I suggest the colour orange.

Lace Peterpan Collar and Blooming Floral Blouse in Orange 2 Lace-Peterpan-Collar-and-Blooming-Floral-Blouse-in-Orange

If you have dark skin tone, the colour blue is a more suitable choice.

Lace Peterpan Collar & Blooming Floral Blouse 2 Lace-Peterpan-Collar-&-Blooming-Floral-Blouse

If you like this lace collar but not in peterpan collar, we have one in a beautiful small flower lace and the floral prints simply say “It’s Spring!”

Lace Collar and Spring Floral Blouse 2 Lace Collar and Spring Floral Blouse 1

Now how to wear these blouses?

Wear it with pencil skirt or pants, tucked in, for work days. For the weekends, match it with demin or shorts.

Best of all, handwash it, cool iron it once and you don’t need to iron it again. That’s my experience. Please handwash only, do not soak and do not bleach.

Both colours of Lace Peterpan Collar & Blooming Floral Blouse are now all sold. Restocks for colour orange will arrive in January 2014. Unfortunately, colour blue is not available for restock. Very sorry for any disappointment caused. And one last piece available in store for the Lace Collar & Spring Floral Blouse.

Guess which blouse did I keep?

Answer can be found on our Facebook page.


Because Every Girl Needs a Swirl Dress

When was the last time you put in time and effort to put an outfit together? Including doing the hair, picking the accessories and shoes?

When I was a little kid, my mother will pull the correct clothes for us before we leave the house. There was a clear category of clothes for the home, for going to the provision shop downstairs and for going to places beyond the neighbourhood. And of course to the different occasions.

Now I see the T-shirts/tanks and shorts combination everywhere. Which some people call it the national uniform.

I think people has forgotten to dress up.

Regular shoppers at Queenbels know that we carry dresses and blouses in classic designs with unique details that last for seasons. This is what we do.

At times, I received walk-in customers who viewed the apparel that I carry is too formal.

Customer: “Where do I wear them to?”

Me: “When you go to work, on your family day, meet friends or on a date with your partner.”

Customer: “I don’t have time. I just want to throw something on quick before I leave the house.”

I sneak a quick peep (it’s very rude to stare at another person from head to toe) and very often, I see loose-fitting jerseys, shapeless blouses and in colours black, dark blue and white. Please pardon me, the impression that flashed across was, all they want is to have something to cover up their bodies, that’s all. This is such a pity, because I think they will look really pretty if they put on something else.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to dress the way you like. I only wish that they can attempt to put on apparel with more details and colours other than black, blue and white.

Chiffon Swirl Dress is one such dress that you can start with.


Chiffon Swirl Dress in Pink/Red


Chiffon Swirl Dress in Cyan/Blue

The highlight goes to the block colours, the slanted v on the front of the dress and an interesting detail at the back.

The block colours are made up of two separate pleated chiffon fabric, cut and sew, not printed block colours. The slanted v on the front gives a slimming silhouette.

Chiffon Swirl Dress is one easy to wear and easy to maintain dress. My experience with the chiffon dresses that I carry is, no ironing is needed after I remove the creases. I have tried and tested. After the first steam ironing, I handwash them. When it’s dry, the creases don’t come back, the pleats fall back into place and I do not need to do any steam ironing again.

Start adding colours to your life today.
At Queenbels.


The Christmas Dresses Have Arrived!

Christmas Dresses Have Arrived!

Christmas Dresses Have Arrived!

These gorgeous dresses finally landed.

On the previous procurement trip, I managed to catch the work in progress new designs at the garment makers. I have personally selected a good variety of designs, very suitable for the coming festive season.

Sneak peeks of the new designs are posted on our Facebook page almost daily. These new designs are now available in the private showroom. Some designs are already sold out as the regulars have been streaming in to buy these new dresses. On the sold out designs, I am not able to make it available for purchase online. My apologies for any disappointment caused.

So do come by our private showroom soon to grab these gorgeous numbers for yourself before all designs are sold out.

I see you. 🙂


In Chiffon In Embroidery

Chiffon Embroidery Kaftan

Chiffon Embroidery Kaftan

Close up of the exquisite embroidery work

Close up of the exquisite embroidery work

Before I go into introducing the next new selection, I must do a special mention on this beautiful chiffon kaftan that I have personally selected.

If you had read my write-up on my love for the Peranakan traditional costumes, you will know why I have selected this chiffon kaftan for you.

Look at the the exquisite embroidery work.

I foresee myself wearing this with a denim skirt and a pair of nude colour pumps, going on a brunch date with my husband, to a family dinner or doing my weekend grocery shopping.

Only a couple of pieces were produced and comes in beige, black and white. White is already grabbed by one of the regular customers who never miss a gorgeous number.

What colour do you think I have kept?


I Love Classics

I like to keep my daily outfits simple. I believe in classics because it will never fall out of fashion. This is pretty evidence in the apparels I have brought in for my e-shop. Presenting classics that will bring you across a couple of seasons is never easy. It has to fulfill a couple of criteria in my personal style. Firstly it has to be in a lasting shade and I don’t mean black, white or blue. Pastel colours like beige, cream, light blue and pale violet are colours to keep. You need the lighter colours to balance out. Secondly, the cut of the apparel has to be kept fuss free. Thirdly, maintenance ie washing and cleaning must be simple. I will only engage dry cleaning services for my winter coats.

Lunar New Year is just four days away. It is a must in our tradition to put on new clothes and shoes to welcome a brand new year. I have waited for the longest time to put on the Faye Front Ruffles Chiffon Blouse in Peru to welcome the year of Dragon. I love this number so much that I have specially kept it for the Lunar New Year. The front ruffles are gorgeous and are the highlighted details of this simple blouse. The ruffles fall back in place without ironing. The trick is to hang up the blouse right after washing. I am going to match it with a demin skirt. I prefer skirts more than jeans. Stylish and yet not lose the feminine side. Oh and not forgetting my favourite pair of ballerina flats.

Faye Front Ruffles Chiffon Blouse in Peru

Gorgeous Ruffles ~ Faye Chiffon Front Ruffles Blouse Peru

I hardly do layering. Sometimes the sun can be rather unforgiving. But hey that is not going to make me a dull Jane in my attire. When I first saw the Rebecca Rocker Vest, I know I just have to bring this to my e-shop. Structured ruffles on a vest is the attraction. The ruffles are well crafted. One of my e-shop client said this look like an art piece. Yes, exact first impression. I love how it plays up a simple tank top immediately. The colour is so pleasing to the eye. Laundry care is as simple as the Faye Front Ruffles Chiffon Blouse.

Rebecca Rocker Vest in Pale Violet Red

Structured Ruffles ~ like an art piece

If you like to keep your outfits simple and sophisticated, like I do, the two pieces above are for keeps. If you think wearing the auspicious red for Lunar New Year is so old fashion, put on some pastel shades. You can keep the black, white and blue for another time.

What you have Missed….

What you have Missed....

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