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Have A Wonderful Day

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The first weekday was kicked start on a good note. I woke up feeling really wonderful after a good night’s sleep and a good workout the day before.


I think many people on this globe have the same problem;

Lack of adequate sleep and rest of mind.

Since the opening of our shop, I have been sacrificing many of my sleeping hours and had irregular sleeping patterns. On top of that, I was working almost everyday, throughout each day. I do not have a proper cut-off time between work and rest. I still respond to product enquiries at 10pm.

The side effects are gradually sending signals and I know I have to do something about it before anything lousy finds trouble.

I said to myself that after this pre-festive season peak period, I have to start and stick to at least one workout per week for both my husband and I. We understand that we are neither the squash smashing nor the weight-lifting type. I suggested let’s do long walks in the parks or greenery areas.

So we kept to our word and chose one day of every weekend to get out of the house early in the morning and do walks in the park. Because we had to get up early so that we get to enjoy the fresh air, we had to turn in early the night before too. Very good.

Each time we did a walk in the park, we get a good perspiration to detox the body and we get to see alot of greenery which is good for our eyes. At the same time, we get to spend quality time together that we kind of missed during the weekdays when we have work commitment.

After a couple of weekend walkings in the parks, we are enjoying it more and more and we feel refreshed after each walk. That, actually helped us to sleep better. In return, we wake up to a much refreshed body and mind. The brain becomes alert too. We are able to think better and our work efficiency increases too.

We have only one body and we ought to take care of it. Get out of the house and enjoy the sunlight shone upon. Don’t forget your sunblock.

Do you have a place of greenery that you like to go to? Share with me on the comment space below.


What Is Your Favourite Flower?

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Isn’t this pretty? I saw these pretty flowers in a supermarket. Does anyone know what flower is this?

I keep small potted plants at home by the windows. I like waking up to see greenery on the windows every morning, water the plants and have my breakfast. Ikea has good planting solutions for potted plants. Check it out.

Have you tried making dried flowers? I used to make dried flowers and collate them in a scrapbook. I will pick the flower before it withers, place it between sheets of paper and keep it compressed in thick phone directory book. After a couple of days, the water in the flower gets drained out and you will get a nice dried flower. You can make a few dried flowers, frame and hang them up on walls at home like a picture.

Baby’s Breath is my favourite flower. The chinese name is ‘满天星’. Direct translation is ‘Sky full of Stars’. Can you visualise how beautiful it is when you look up at the night sky, full of glittering stars?

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