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The Sakura Season

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The beautiful sakura season is here again. Several years ago, by a twist of fate and as a result of subsequent events, we never get to see these beautiful blooms in the country of origin until today. Who knows now, we can also see sakura in real life in Singapore.

We don’t have sakura naturally in Singapore. However, we have very awesome people from Gardens By The Bay, who brought these beauties to our shore. I went last year and I was in awe at the blooms. They have brought it back again this year and I have been seeing posts of these beauties on social media. You should really go and see for yourself if you are here in Singapore.



Every Spring, major fashion and high street brands will introduce new apparel designs with floral elements. I have also brought in various apparel designs of florals done in several ways. I have shared previously how embroidery is a beautiful expression of floral. Now let’s look at other ways of wearing floral.

It’s always good to start small if you have no idea what your level of acceptance is when it comes to attempting new apparel designs or elements. What you are seeing on Floral and Embellishment Feature Top, is a white cotton tee that is made interesting with a feature sewn on applique, long beadings and sparkle studs. If tee-shirt is your top choice for leisure comfy wear but find it too plain looking to look put together, Floral and Embellishment Feature Top is really made for you. Two basic colours all in; White and Black.




We have also brought in another version of this blouse, with drawstring. Drawstring is such a useful function on apparel. Its purpose is to allow flexibility when it comes to definition. Do you notice how it transforms a straight fit top to a peplum top with a draw of the string?




There are many suggestions and personal views when it comes to wearing a floral dress. Some say it’s meant for tall ladies, some say it’s meant for the petite size and some say it’s a cross out for plus size people.

I don’t agree to any of the above.

All you have to do is to choose a suitable combination of colour and the type of floral print. I would say start with a colour that you are comfortable with and look out for small floral prints.

Mini Floral Dress is a very good floral dress to start with. There are only 3 colours on the fabric and the floral print is done in simple outlines that is easy to look at. If you think soft fabric like this type is shapeless and yet dislike the idea of wearing belt/sash, the drawstring is here to help you. Attention is paid right down to the hardware used on the drawstring tips. Good quality buttons are used even though the buttons are concealed with a button panel. Whether buttons are exposed or concealed, it makes a difference to the apparel design.




If you already ready to embrace floral prints, step up to a basic base colour and I recommend these two below.



Gathered neckline softens the look and simply gives you a feminine look.



For ladies who always love a touch of vintage in your outfits, I recommend these two below. Look at the buttons. Don’t they look like tiny flowers to you?




Don’t forget to update your makeup too. If you have been following our IG Stories, you would have caught a glimpse of where I have picked up the latest beauty products. I was so drawn to how the colour looked like on the model’s face in the video.

I have only started to use blusher recently even though I have it in my makeup box all this while. I am a lazy bum when it comes to makeup. I just go for the bare minimum.

One fine day, I decided to just dab a bit of blusher on my cheeks and I saw the difference it makes to my face colour. And I discover one beauty of applying blusher. If you have picked up makeup tips from tutorials, you would have seen the common method of ‘smile and apply blusher on the apple of our cheeks’. Because I put on a smile every time I apply blusher before I go out, I find that I always start my day with a smile. Somehow, it lifts my mood from the hectic schedule.

Tried and tested, the COCO CODE BLUSH HARMONY is really pretty on my face! And this is now my daily go to for blusher.




Enjoy the new apparel designs you have picked up at Queenbels and have fun trying new makeup colours.


The Beauty Of Threads

Upon upon a time, embroidery works are done by hand. Stitch by stitch, thread by thread, fill up the patterns that were drawn by hand. With the advancement of sewing machinery, the range of embroidery has also expanded.

Like many of you, I favour embroidery more to prints. Embroidery brings patterns to life. The use of a variety of different thread colours, and sometimes include beads, sequins and other embellishments, creates a different character to each apparel design. It’s like expressing the story behind each clothing. The search for exquisite embroidery is always ongoing and the discovery of captivating ones are always delightful.

This season I have shortlisted the most beautiful, wearable embroidery you can ever imagine. There is something for everyone.



 Nothing beats having a day out wearing a dress that is comfortable to the skin and also a piece of art. The choice of red and blue thread colours on both the blue base and the white base is brilliant. The use of the same embroidery pattern on the collar all the way down the button panel completes the entire embroidery display.



If you love embroidery on just one section of your clothing, Butterflies and Floral Gala Dress will be your top choice. How alluring, to see crochet lace wrap around the shoulders and arms. If you are going to a wedding lunch and don’t want to be too elaborate in your dressing, this dress is your best pick.



If you have been wanting a piece of embroidery in your work outfit, The Royal Embroidery Blouse is meant for you. The pointed collar is smart and the embroidered leaf pattern that flows on the edge is so beautiful. The puff 3/4 sleeves complete with cuffs are work appropriate. The pleats before the waist and opens up right down to the hem will be so flattering if you wear it with a pencil skirt.



Pleated and Embroidery Dress will work for those who want embroidery in their clothing and yet not visually eye-catching. This comes in the most welcome basic colours of blue and white. Highly recommended for dress down Friday corporations that don’t allow denims.

Which one have you chose?



Your Notes, My Thoughts

I particularly love this Hong Kong drama.

That was in year 2006 when I watched it on local TV. I love the characters and the theme song to the bits. I think the production team did a great job in the cast selection and the theme song that left such a deep impression. I even bought the complete DVD set because I wanted to watch it in Cantonese. Guess who is my favourite character?

When the sequel came in year 2013, I was very, very hyped up. I wonder if my favourite character is still on board the flight and who are the new characters. I like how the storyline flowed but I like the first theme song more.

I think I took such a liking to the drama probably because I have never been on a plane ride until very much later compared to most of my peers who took their plane rides in their teens. Those days, there were no budget airlines and air tickets start at four digit price tags. Now, with very affordable air ticket prices and accommodation bookings made so accessible on the internet, people take off almost anytime they want.

And now, I flew more than I wished for.

When I saw this cute twin planes in red and blue stripes, I did not hesitate to name the shirtdress ‘Triumph In The Skies Shirtdress’. It’s more like a badge than a brooch to me and I choose to wear it on the collar because I find it so smart looking. Whenever I wear it, I instantly stand very tall.



Because of the little notes you cute people have been sending me every now and then, this shirtdress is such a crowd pleaser. You will know what I am talking about if you have been wearing it. Fabric used is perfect for the current blow hot blow cold weather ie rain for an hour, sunny for the next couple of hours and rain again.

I have always been careful when I introduce apparel designed primarily for leisure days. I go by the rule; simple but not sloppy, comfy but not shabby.

Collars always upmarket an apparel design and the dip hem for the back piece made it more interesting.



May your new apparel bring you good energy just like the name; Triumph In The Skies.


A New Scene

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And it’s an exciting one.

Over time, I think we have made a little name for ourself, for carrying dainty dresses made with chiffon and in pleats. For more than once, I get customers walking in, telling me they were referred here by their friends, when they said they need a pretty dress in flowy soft fabric.

That was a pat-on-the-back achievement unlocked.

And now I want to break new grounds.

It has been an exciting time for the past couple of months and I think I have made my customers’ hearts skipped many more beats when I presented the new designs.

There are new fabric, new captivating details, new colours, new textures and new experience. From visualising the designs to having found exactly what I had in mind, it really took me sometime.

Good things are really worth the time taken.


And I feel so fulfilling to see the happy faces in the shop, looking, touching, browsing, trying the new designs and bagged home their prized purchases.

Coming up in the following months, for ladies who love dresses, you will see new designs in different material and textures.

First to debut was The Meadow Dress.
Made of polyester blend, fun details with buttons, conceal back zip and more tucked in at the waist.


Eva Embroidery & Texture Dress is the first among the many upcoming dresses with unique prints and textures. I brought in a good range of sizes for more shopping options and thank you very much for liking it.


I hear your feedback about lack of bottom pieces in the shop. Mini Patch Pocket Skirt is the latest kid on the block and I promise you I will bring in more interesting matching bottom pieces for the top pieces you have bought from us.


Mini Patch Pocket Skirt is not just an ordinary skirt but come lined with a pair of mini shorts. This is highly recommended to ladies who want to attempt shorter skirt length but have reservation about carrying it.

I have also brought in very fun-loving blouses like The Kitty Bow Blouse and The Vintage Buttons Blouse made with very comfy cotton.


The multi-colour buttons at the back of The Vintage Buttons Blouse is such a trait of the 60s/70s fashion. There is always something special about the fashion trend during those times that is worth bringing back.


And of course not forgetting our very well love handsew kisslock products. I have opened the first batch of pre-orders last month and it is also the first pre-order for the year. Thank you so much for loving this product that is entirely produced by Queenbels. I am in the progress of working on a new shape that I hope can make it in time for our seventh birthday celebration edition. I am still searching for the fabric print and fingers crossed that I find what I have in mind soon.

Handsew with Love


There are so many things that I want to do for Queenbels. I have been relooking at the mix of merchandises in the shop. Because of the space constraint, I have been putting on hold some products that I know you ladies will love. I think I have found a way to work around the space constraint.

The first quarter of the year has come and gone. This year seems to be a rather different year. I see new faces. I see new shopping patterns. There are new expectations. We have been in business for six years. Each time I see a new face or repeated faces in the shop, I always ask myself why would people come all the way to buy clothes from Queenbels. Sometimes I ask, I get answers, real answers that I don’t even get from people that I talk to almost everyday. I asked because I want to make the magic work even better so that I can continue to bring the best into the shop. Thank you very much for giving me the most earnest answers, not patronizing and definitely very useful. I conclude that it’s important to ask the right person for advice. Ask the wrong person and they will make you work things in their personal favour and not give a heck if it’s going to lead you into a dead end alley.

Maybe it will surprise you. People I talk to almost everyday and gotten familiar with, are the most harsh when there’s a slightest slip up and borders at calling me stupid when things are not in the order they want. I remind myself constantly, a customer is afterall, a customer.

Be it nice or not, difficult or not, I treasure every single customer.

Customers who have been buying from Queenbels long enough know that I always give back to customers during festive seasons or special occasions. It’s my way, and the only appropriate way, to express my appreciation and thankfulness for the support and kindness given to Queenbels. I don’t earn the money and forget about you once you leave the shop. I always appreciate the fact that you awesome people actually choose to buy from Queenbels among so many fashion boutiques in Singapore. I hope customers are able to feel my appreciation for their support.

Thank you so much for supporting Queenbels and staying with us. I will be back soon to share more shoppe updates.


Make It Happen

It’s just an hour or so to year 2016.

And I have alot to thank for in 2015.

Though some business matters did not go according to my plans, there were encounters that brought a few things to me that I may never or won’t have the chance to even give it a thought amidst the daily hectic schedule.

And it is really important to look on the bright side, like what some say;

‘Dance in the rain’

I have never like to talk about problems. Talking about problems is like a merry-go-round. Nothing is solved. Work on it. Working on problems brings solution. And sometimes pleasant surprises happen.

In 2016, I have one motto;

‘Make It Happen’

From presenting bulk new designs once a month, we are moving towards having new designs bi-weekly. You will see a change in the style, the fabric and the make. And you will chiffon and pleats in a different way.

I am very thankful that you awesome ladies like the new designs so much, the great support, and the faith in our merchandises. Thank you very very much.

See you in 2016.


This Christmas

Ho Ho Ho!

It’s the festive season again and I am astonished at how time has gone by at an incredible speed.

This is our 4th Christmas at our humble space and no matter how busy I am, I always make sure we put up Christmas decoration in the shop to bring that Christmas cheer on. As most of you know, I don’t celebrate Christmas as a religion but I have always like the heart-warming feeling lingering in the air. This is also the time that I express my appreciation to the people around me and do some in-store specials.

12 Days To Christmas


If you have been staying with us on our Facebook page, you will know that we are doing a special of 30% off a design a day. I still have a handful of the one piece designs in store and I really need to free up the space for more new designs. These one piece designs that are going at 30% off, are what I am wearing too and I promise, you will love them as much as I do.

And we have revealed the first design last Thursday, 3 December 2015; Pearls on Cape Chiffon Blouse in Cyan Blue, which is already sold on the same day.

The second design was Precious Gem Embellishment Blouse in Olive Green. I cannot say enough how this is a must keep. Look at how pretty it looks on myself.

We have upcoming 10 designs to reveal so check our Facebook page promptly everyday from now till 18 December 2015.

Specials for VVIPs and Members

It has been quite a year. There were some hiccups and it was really a hurdle we have to cross. What really gave us the courage to overcome the hurdle was the support from each and everyone of you. Thank you for staying with us during this whole time and we came back well.

New designs were presented to VVIPs and members last week. I was very selective with the details on each item so though the selection is not wide, we promise you no rubbish at all.

All VVIPs and members have already received a secret Santa message from myself. I am not going to reveal the details here, well because it’s exclusively, only for our VVIPs and members.

In-store Special; 15% OFF SGD199, gift packs and more

Non-members, we did not forget you. We know you will come to Queenbels for your dresses for the year end parties, dinners, lunches, meet-ups with friends. You will get to enjoy 15% off storewide on regular-priced apparel with minimum spending of SGD199. Valid from 3 – 23 December 2015.

One thing to note is, we do not have post-Christmas sale, which I think you will know by now if you have been shopping with us for the past years. So don’t wait. Grab that dress or blouse that you want before it is sold out.

We will be extending the shopping hours from 15 December 2015 to 23 December 2015, both dates inclusive. We will wrap up on 23 December 2015 and take a break till 28 December 2015.

Before I sign off, this is the Christmas song that is currently on my playlist:


Here We Are

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I stringed the individual deadlines very closely. Reading the dates is really to make sure I am on time to get the work done and I didn’t quite feel year 2014 has ended. I had my eyes fixed on the timeline, following each date scheduled for to-do items, arrival of the next shipment, expected date of arrival of the delivered packages to my customers.

However, the arrival of the Lunar New Year is something that almost everyone around me will constantly remind me. We focus alot on getting our home ready for the Lunar New Year, whether or not we get guests. We must spring clean and we really clean every corner of the house and move items out of our storage areas to declutter and clean the hard-to-reach spots. While doing all the above, I was also jotting down the various happenings that I want to share with all of you in this space.

I am happy with what took place for Queenbels in year 2014. We didn’t do exceptionally well but we kept up with the previous year’s performance. There were a few unexpected situations that had me struggled abit between adhering to the house rules and to keep the particular few customers happy. I can only say, house rules are important if I want to keep this business running for many more years to come.

Remember the kids apparel that I have launched around March 2014? The subsequent designs and quality were totally out of the specifications and I decided that I will take a break on kids apparel until I find something good again. I rather not do than to bring in something that spoils my shop’s name. My apologies to my lovely customers who were eagerly looking out for the next selection. Sorry for the disappointment. I hope you had found something you like for your little ones, in the other brands outside that I have recommended.

On our main business, lady apparel, we began to place our emphasize on bringing you the most gorgeous work-appropriate blouses in year 2014. Blouses that have the versatility to double up as a weekend outfit with easy change of bottom pieces and shoes.

The return of the Whimsical Selections were champagne-popping excitements. Until now as I am typing this, I am still beaming with joy that I brought these fantasy, eye-catching prints back to Queenbels. You can read here and here on my covers on both selections.

Whimsical Selections I and II

For ladies who love our dresses, I make sure you have a good range to select from too.

My handsew with love projects made good progress. I did an upsize to two new sizes; kisslock mini clutch bag and kisslock clutch bag.

Handsew with Love_Happy Mint Ruby Daisy Preorder 1

Handsew with Love Kisslock Purse + Mini Clutch Bag + Clutch Bag

Pre-orders came in very quickly for the clutch bags. There were pre-orders of sets of a kisslock purse and a kisslock clutch bag. I was extremely overjoyed with the positive response and I remembered I had to take a few days off from the shop to complete all the pre-orders on time.

Happy Petals Kisslock Purse and The Good Fortune Kisslock Clutch Bag Peony Kisslock Purse + Clutch Bag Ruby Kisslock Purse and Clutch Bag

Shortly after, I progressed to a new size which is between the mini clutch bag and the clutch bag; the kisslock mini clutch bag size two. At the same time, I upgraded the fabric quality of the purse interior, which I wanted to do early last year but I had constraints. To overcome the constraints, I had to do a necessary adjustment across all sizes.

Baby Blue Dot Daisy Kisslock Purse + Lucky Clover Kisslock Mini Clutch Bag

Baby Blue Dot Daisy Kisslock Purse + Lucky Clover Kisslock Mini Clutch Bag size two

I did a price adjustment.

A close regular customer asked me this: “Are you paying yourself?” My reply was: “Do you mean monetary payback? If yes, ya, I pay myself a token.” Making money was not what I had started with when I did my first kisslock purse.

The very observant ones knew I was really paying myself a token. Some were very frank with me. They had actually attempted at making the kisslocks themselves and gave up after making the interior. And emphasized that given the amount of work, effort and time involved, they will never sell their pieces at the old (lower) prices I was selling.

To be honest, I was pretty afraid of doing an upward price adjustment. Very few see the good fabric quality I had chosen, the work and effort put in. I was prepared to see a significant drop in the pre-orders. When the price adjustment took effect, there were a handful who pre-ordered quite a number especially during festive season, never make enquiries again and never spoken a word about my handsew with love kisslocks. There was a slight dent in my morale.

Luckily the majority stayed with me and pre-ordered even more than usual. I know this is their way to show their support and I was very, very, thankful and grateful. Thank you very much.

I continue to acquire more new fabric prints to produce my handsew with love kisslock products.

Merry Dots Kisslock Purse Lucky Clover Kisslock Purse in Tangerine Baby Blue Dot Daisy Kisslock Purse
The Sassy Pink Kisslock Purse Red Dot Daisy Kisslock Purse Happy Rainbow Petals Kisslock Purse

I was inspired to do a theme launch too. The Friendship Kisslock Purse.

The Friendship Kisslock Purse

About two weeks before we wrapped up for Lunar New Year, I finally found a fabric print that I have a feel for, that I want to do for 2015 Lunar New Year Edition. I squeezed in time to complete two sets of Happiness in Full Blooms Kisslock Purse and Kisslock Mini Clutch Bag size two. Totally worth the time when one set was sold within an hour of launch.

Happiness in Full Blooms Kisslock Purse and Mini Clutch Bag

Happiness in Full Blooms Kisslock Purse and Mini Kisslock Clutch Bag size two

Thank you very much for loving my handsew with love kisslock products. Thank you for willing to buy and use what I have made.

Today is Day 12 of Lunar New Year 2015. Celebration stretches for fifteen days and I hereby once more, wishes all who celebrates, Happy Lunar New Year 2015!


Business resumes in the shop tomorrow ie 3 March 2015. It is going to be a short week though as I still need abit of time to wrap up the back-office work. I am setting new shopping hours in the shop which will take effect 10 March 2015. Stay on our Facebook page for instant updates.


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