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Tender Loving Care

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Do you take care of your apparel during the cleaning process?

I make a point to share the most appropriate product care method with my customers before they leave the shop. The one thing I always emphasis over and over again is;

Please handwash your apparel gently, do not soak it and for goodness sake, do not bleach it.

Tender Loving Care, Always

Tender Loving Care, Always

Sometimes I receive answers like; “Oh I throw every piece of clothing into the washing machine.” or “Oh I don’t bother to take care of my apparel.”

There is one that is really cool:

“Clothes are meant to be worn and wear and tear is part of the process. If it’s worn out and old, then it’s time to get new ones. I don’t bother spending time taking care of clothing. I have more important things to do.”

I like that. Because I think the same too.

When I do procurement and when I say I look for quality, the stitching is one of the important things I really look out for. Some stitching aren’t good enough and do not hold the apparel well, for a reasonable period of time. Some are done so well, I think I can do somersault in them. Like I said before, I do not on purpose put up lousy quality apparel for selling. This explains why some of my customers are still wearing designs from 3 years back.

I have most of the Queenbels’ merchandises and I love to soak my clothes before washing. And yes, I do machine-wash some of them. Oh why am I contradicting myself here?

You see, there are so many brands of detergents out there in the market. Not everyone uses the same brand of detergent and not everyone handles the washing process in the same way as I do. To be on the safe side, I recommend handwash and do not soak all apparel that you buy at Queenbels.

So please my lovely ladies, please handwash, do not soak and do not bleach your apparel that you buy at Queenbels. If you choose to adopt otherwise and if your apparel is ruined in the process, Queenbels has no obligation towards any sort of compensation nor responsibility for any aftermath.

I do not, on purpose, let you buy anything that is already in defect. If you had shop at Queenbels before, you will know how I let my customers check the merchandise before paying for it. I even turn the apparel inside out to make sure the interior is also in perfect condition. If I hand the merchandise to you in perfect condition, you have to do your part not to do anything that ruins it.


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