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Happy Times Rolling

It’s never a dull day when you have an awesome wardrobe collection to put on everyday.

From exquisite embroidery in gorgeous colours with sparkling embellishments.


To a garden party.


Onto prints and pockets.

We introduced many new designs this round with functional pockets.


And that elegant lace that withstand the test of time.


Thank you for coming on board, joining us on a brand new shopping experience.

New styles were showcased almost everyday over the past two and a half months and to be very honest, I do have jitters over the response.

I made a very huge leap, doing a style overhaul over a rather short span of time. There were many push factors that leave me with no luxury of time and I have to trust my instincts and the experience I have accumulated over the past years to carry out the necessary changes.

More than fifty designs, over two and a half months. Thank you for the strong support.


With the last delivery done on Thursday, I took Friday off from the shop to tie up loose ends before I take a breather over the long weekend. As I unwind from work, exhaustion began to set in and tiredness overcome me. I actually fell asleep sitting on the sofa.

And here we are on the eve of Christmas as I type.

This year is zooming by incredibly fast and I can tell you, when December came, I was like “Hello 2016, are you getting ready to leave?” 2016 so far has been a year of re-establishment on the business front. I was smacked in the face over unforeseen circumstances and I bleed. Even when I bleed, I have to pick myself up and keep moving. There is no time for me to hide in a corner and cry. I had to dive in and fix whatever I can. I never like to whine but I do rant at the subject matter when necessary. I think I have carried across the message of ‘I mean business’ to a few parties effectively.

It’s more beneficial in long terms, to build your own empire, than to get too busy looking at what others have and forget what you are already holding in your hands.

For those who stay, THANK YOU. For those who have just found us, thank you for having faith in me.

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, Happy Holidays (woohoo! long weekend!) to everyone. Have a good rest, eat well and stay happy.


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