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Dots n Floral

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Dots n Floral Wrap in Pink n Grey

Dots n Floral Wrap in Coral n Green

I like polka dots very much. The wallpaper on my webstore and the hair scrunchies I sewn are in polka dots prints. There is this charm about putting dots of different colours together. You will be amazed and enchanted at the combination you can get.

I myself have a couple of wraps, which is more commonly known as shawls. In the early days it was seen mostly on the outfits of the tai-tais and the more elderly ladies. Now you see office ladies alternating wraps with cardigans in the office to combat the harsh low air-con temperature.

The pieces I have are (surprisingly) not in polka dots prints. They are in check prints, a print I love very much too. It took me quite awhile to put my money on the first piece because I didn’t find it suitable for my age and outfit back then. I was afraid it would make me look old and it was really not very commonly used. But I like the elegance when one is wearing a wrap. The light material that sways at the slightest breeze makes a lady so feminine. Some come with trimmed edges which add a touch of countryside. I bring a piece of these wraps with me whenever I am travelling overseas by plane. The temperature can get really cold when you are thousands of miles above sea level.

One of the well-known casual attire label has special edition collaborations recently and they have a wrap in polka dots print in a very cool colour that caught my attention. That gave me the idea to stock some wraps on my webstore, at the same time to increase variety in the accessories section too. I was very very glad when I saw the above awesome pieces at one of my supplier’s place. The colour combinations and material are exactly what I have in mind.

These Dots n Floral Wraps will be available very soon at

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Love Me Fluffy Pouch

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Love Me Fluffy Pouch

Did I tell you we have a Love Me Fluffy Pouch too?

Perfect for keeping the Love Me Wooden Pens, isn’t it? 🙂 I think it is a good choice to stash the makeup brushes and cosmetics.

Love Me Fluffy Pouch is now available at 

Love Me Wooden Pens

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I always try to put aside some personal time on my sourcing trips, just to catch a breather after all the running around and also to eat my favourite food. Sourcing trips are pretty stressful and time-compelling because I have to complete every single thing on my to-do list. On the previous trip, I managed to go wondering around some shopping areas that I have not been before. Seriously I try not to do any shopping because I had done a great deal of “shopping” at my garment makers work space.

Love Me Wooden Pens

Love Me Wooden Pens in Pouch

Right at a turning corner, there is this shop selling stationeries. Not just stationeries, but CUTE stationeries. I was so attracted by all the cute stationeries in the window display. There were so many things; pens, notepads, sticky notes, stickers, highlighters, rulers, pencil cases, pouches, erasers etc etc. For awhile I felt I was like in a stationery wonderland. There was a little door in the shop leading to an attic and I wondered if there were fairies and elves up there making these cute stationeries.

I put almost EVERYTHING into the shopping basket. Everything is C-U-T-E. I knew I just wanted to buy and put them on my work desk to admire. Yes to admire because I won’t bear to use them at all. Then I thought it will be nice if I can introduce something different as a special selection for my webstore.

These pens each reminds me of something. The little red bag reminds me of a red baggage that I carry with me when I fly. Listening to radio is something I do everyday. I used to travel by buses to school because train stations were not that accessible in those days. And that post house, a place I have to visit so often to mail packages to the customers. Oh did I tell you I like one particular post office a lot? Guess? 🙂

I name them Love Me Wooden Pens because I wish anyone who has them will love them and use them to pen lovely fond memories. Don’t you think these pens make wonderful presents?

These Love Me Wooden Pens will be available very soon at 

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