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When I Was Sixteen… And Now

“You must be a Literature student, or like Jane Austen very much.”

I can’t remember the exact words but these are the gist of a comment made by a lovely customer when she set her sight on our Chiffon Puff Sleeves Dress.

I have a soft spot for long skirts and dresses. When I was sixteen, I thought I would look pretty and all fairy looking like in long skirt or dress flowing along with the wind, while my mum got very worried that my long skirt or dress would get stepped on and torn when I alighted from the bus.

Picture that?

That was when I was sixteen.

Sometimes I wonder if I also wanted to look like Cinderella or Snow White subconsciously. Remember their attires in the storybooks? Long dresses with puff sleeves.

The one dress that left the deepest impression in me is a long dress with puff sleeves in mini checks that I bought at a bazaar in my teens. It has a gathered scoop neckline complete with a ribbon in the centre. I shouldn’t have clear that away from my wardrobe. I can’t find a similar dress over the years. If only mobile phones with cameras were available at that time, I will have a photo of it now.

I have pretty much bring that part of my teenage dressing dreams into adulthood and the selections I am presenting in Queenbels.

This is how the Chiffon Puff Sleeves Dress made her way into my selection. Available in colours of peach and apple green.

The clever use of smaller pleats below the neckline and bigger pleats below the bust has created the look of an empire cut, minus the cut-in below the bust. The puff sleeves are complete with gathered hems and hidden seams.

Chiffon Puff Sleeves Dress in Peach

Chiffon Puff Sleeves Dress in Peach

Apple green is such a refreshing and pleasing colour to the eye. If you want to start adding pastel colours to your wardrobe, this is a nice colour to begin with.

Chiffon Puff Sleeves Dress in Apple Green

Chiffon Puff Sleeves Dress in Apple Green

Guess what colour did I keep?


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