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Getting to Queenbels Mini Bazaar at MICA Building

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As we are getting nearer to the mini bazaar that is happening in just 3 days’ time, I think a ‘How to Get to the Mini Bazaar by Public Transport’ guide will be very useful. It is easily accessible by public transport and I highly recommend to use the public transport. I hope you will find this guide handy, especially for the people who are going there for the first time.

Queenbels Mini Bazaar at MICA Building
140 Hill Street, Ground Floor, Singapore 179369
18 & 19 August 2012
1pm to 7pm

If you are coming via MRT, the nearest MRT station to alight is Clarke Quay Station.

Exit Clarke Quay MRT Station via Exit E

You will see Burger King outside Clarke Quay MRT Station Exit E

You will see a bus stop outside Clarke Quay MRT Station Exit E on your left.

Buses that reach MICA Building. Just 1 bus stop away from Clarke Quay MRT Station!

If you prefer to walk, turn left upon Exit E, MICA Building is just 3 mins walk away!

If you are coming via Bus, these buses will bring you right to the doorstep of MICA Building.

Buses that bring you right to the doorstep of MICA Building

If you are driving, the nearest carparks are at Hill Street, Funan and Clarke Quay.


Yes! We are Bazaar-ing!

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A candid shot of lovely model qing when we did an outdoor catalog shoot. Very spontaneous and pretty model. I hope I will get a chance to work with her again.


I hope everyone had a great week so far and all happy to welcome the weekend, unwind and take a stroll. I was filtering some of the catalog photos and came across this candid shot. I think it suits the coming happy weekend mood so I post it.

As the title writes, yes we are going to hold a bazaar again real soon. This time I managed to get a centrally located space in a shopping mall right in town, 3 mins walk from a MRT station, very accessible. The space is bigger which allows more racks and items to be displayed and you can come shop comfortably in the air-conditioned mall. I will be attaching more details soon so watch this space.


We will be Right Back Soon!

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Remember This?

We will be holding a mini bazaar again! Stay tuned for more details!

Happy Note on Recycling

Do you Recycle?

How many of you recycle the empty containers, boxes or wrappers?

I had always wanted to cut down on the packaging and packing materials used to mail my clients their purchases. I try not to do excessive packaging. The biggest part that I want to eliminate is the use of plastic sealing bags. Then what is stopping me? The rain. I cannot think of anything better than plastic that does a good job of protecting the merchandises from water. Do you have any suggestions on how I can do away with plastic bags?

Christmas Wrap for Scrunchies

Last Christmas, I launched my first batch of sew with love hair scrunchies. The next part was to get suitable packing materials, sufficient and not excessive. The first thing I did was to look around for materials I can recycle. I printed a number of boxes of business cards just a couple of months before. Just as I was fretting over what I should do with all the empty name card boxes lying around after the business cards are used up, I decided to recycle them as packing materials for the hair scrunchies! The size was just right. I could also add a ribbon to the packed boxes for the festive gifting season or a ‘Thank You’ label on the box to decorate it. I think the idea was brilliant and I also received good comments from my clients on this packing method.

What do you think? 🙂

U Like, So We Do ^_^

FREE Shipping Till End Feb12

For those who could not come shop at the mini bazaar, I have
FREE Registered Shipping for you!
From now on till 29 February 2012!
I am not forgetting you, my dear international shoppers.
I am bringing you FREE WORLDWIDE Shipping this time!
Shop Away Now!

And So, That Was Our 1st Mini Bazaar

16Feb12 ~ 1st Day at Bazaar

17Feb12 ~ 2nd Day at Bazaar

I have never done a bazaar or an event before this. After being in business close to three years, I have seen only two of my customers in person. Sometimes I wonder if they are curious who I am and how I look like. I operate a webstore. My customers are free to shop at my webstore at anytime of the day, any day they want, 24/7. There isn’t a need or chance to see either party because all the purchases will be delivered to their doorstep after payment is made and we communicate via emails.

I started contemplating with the bazaar idea late last year after I saw a rather fun and unique bazaar held. With strong encouragement from a friend, I signed up for this bazaar rather at the last minute. The stress kicks in. The items to bring for the racks, the presentation, the logistics, the helpers needed and many more things occupied my delicate brain for the next few days right up to the eve of the bazaar. And this will be the first time my customers and I are putting faces to names. Well, I am a very private person. I do not like to plaster photos of myself in the virtual world. This is also the first time that me, yours truly will park myself right at the store front, in person.

We arrived at the venue rather early on the first day. I don’t know how much time I need to set everything up so I think it’s better to be early. My mum came with me throughout the two days just to keep an eye on the stall when I run to the ladies. I think she had fun there exploring the canteens LOL!

The experience was good. I learnt things out of it. This will also prepare me better for the next bazaar (if I am holding anymore). I also get to know products that I have not heard of.

Do you want to shop with us again at a bazaar?

Come to Queenbels Mini Bazaar

Our very 1ST mini bazaar is happening in just 4 days’ time! Amidst the madness of trying to get everything ready for the bazaar, I made a trip to the venue and did a ‘How to Get to the Bazaar by Public Transport’ guide. It is really easily accessible by public transport and I highly recommend to use the public transport. I hope you will find this guide handy, especially for the people who are going there for the first time.

Queenbels Mini Bazaar
16 & 17 February 2012

10am to 4pm
NUS Central Forum


Go to Clementi MRT Station

You will see the Ticketing Office after exiting the gantry

Look out for 'Bus stop 1' sign

Look out for the 'Bus Interchange'

You will see the entrance to The Clementi Mall

Look out for the 'Bus Interchange' signs

Entrance to The Clementi Bus Interchange

Look out for the berth for Bus 96

Alight at the 7th bus stop

Cross the road using zebra crossing

Look out for the 'Central Library' sign

Tadah! You have Arrived at the bazaar venue


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