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That Visit to the Peranakan Museum

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I had visited the Peranakan Museum a couple of times. I like the rich cultural heritage especially the traditional costumes with very delicate embroidery and the jewellery which is made with extremely exquisite workmanship in unique designs. I believe many of you, like me, grew up eating yummy tasty nyonya kuehs.

On the way to Peranakan Museum

At the Peranakan Museum main entrance

Guided Tour in the Peranakan Museum

Embossed Peranakan Motifs

The museum holds special events and featured exhibitions periodically. On one of my visits about two years ago, there was a ‘Baba Bling, The Peranakans & Their Jewellery’ exhibition. There were generous displays of treasured rare pieces from private collectors and pieces that were not exhibited before. I was deeply captivated by the unique designs and the very very fine workmanship. I was told that it is very difficult to find a craftsman in these days who knows how to make these pieces. It is almost like a lost skill. To coincide with this featured exhibition, the museum specially printed the embossing sheets in golden print. I went around the museum collecting every single motifs. Each motif has its own meaning and use. I am still keeping these motifs emboss print sheets like a prized possession.

On my sourcing trip last week, I chanced upon two very lovely necklaces. These necklaces extrude a very Peranakan feel and remind me so much of the beautiful pieces I saw at the museum. I have not bring in accessories for awhile because I did not see pieces that are unique, beautiful and made of good material. I am kinda of picky when it comes to selecting items for my webstore but I knew I just have to bring these two necklaces back.

Nana Peterpan Necklace was the first piece I set my eyes on. It is a very well made piece with excellent crafting work. I see it being worn best with our Suzann Side Gathers Dress or your little black dress.

Nana Peterpan Necklace

Rosie Rose Necklace was the next piece that caught my eyes. Rose pendent pair with mesh necklace. Stunning and elegant. The workmanship is so lavish with neatly embedded faux diamond studs in the pendent and the mesh necklace. It will instantly glam up any of your outfit. Maybe with a simple blouse, blazer and skirt/pants?

Rosie Rose Necklace in Golden

Rosie Rose Necklace in Dark Silver

These gorgeous necklaces are coming your way this Wednesday, 28 March 2012, at 

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