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Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

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Initially, I named this skirt ‘Teardrop’.

Then, there is this song with the title ‘Raindrops’ kept popping up in my head.

I googled and yes there is this song, ‘Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head’. I even have this song in an album by Joanna Wang. Time to clean off the dust on the song albums I collected.

I don’t present prints often. Unique and pretty prints are really rare.

To put prints in an apparel design is quite tricky. It can make or break that design.

Put prints + warm colour together is even trickier.

I have received questions on why or how the bold colours came about in this selection.

Or rather what made me decide to bring in the current range of brighter colours.

I think it’s good and healthy for the wardrobe to have new colours. If you don’t experiment with new colours, you will never know how far you can go with some colours. Especially the colours you have not wear before.

The safe thing to do is not to wear more than one print in one outfit. If you are wearing a more attention grabbing top or bottom piece, downplay the other piece so that you don’t look too over-whelmed with details.

My suggestion is, match the Raindrop Tulip Skirt with a simple white cotton blouse, with short or cape sleeves. If you want to wear puff sleeves, make sure the puffs are small.

This is one skirt that flatters most body shapes. Two layers of tulle are added to create a puff in the tulip.

Raindrop Tulip Skirt Lemon Blue

Raindrop Tulip Skirt in Lemon/Blue

Raindrop Tulip Skirt Red Pink

Raindrop Tulip Skirt Red Pink

These skirts are very well-received. It’s the LAST ONE Piece for the Raindrop Tulip Skirt in Red/Pink.

I See You in the showroom.


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