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Here We Are

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I stringed the individual deadlines very closely. Reading the dates is really to make sure I am on time to get the work done and I didn’t quite feel year 2014 has ended. I had my eyes fixed on the timeline, following each date scheduled for to-do items, arrival of the next shipment, expected date of arrival of the delivered packages to my customers.

However, the arrival of the Lunar New Year is something that almost everyone around me will constantly remind me. We focus alot on getting our home ready for the Lunar New Year, whether or not we get guests. We must spring clean and we really clean every corner of the house and move items out of our storage areas to declutter and clean the hard-to-reach spots. While doing all the above, I was also jotting down the various happenings that I want to share with all of you in this space.

I am happy with what took place for Queenbels in year 2014. We didn’t do exceptionally well but we kept up with the previous year’s performance. There were a few unexpected situations that had me struggled abit between adhering to the house rules and to keep the particular few customers happy. I can only say, house rules are important if I want to keep this business running for many more years to come.

Remember the kids apparel that I have launched around March 2014? The subsequent designs and quality were totally out of the specifications and I decided that I will take a break on kids apparel until I find something good again. I rather not do than to bring in something that spoils my shop’s name. My apologies to my lovely customers who were eagerly looking out for the next selection. Sorry for the disappointment. I hope you had found something you like for your little ones, in the other brands outside that I have recommended.

On our main business, lady apparel, we began to place our emphasize on bringing you the most gorgeous work-appropriate blouses in year 2014. Blouses that have the versatility to double up as a weekend outfit with easy change of bottom pieces and shoes.

The return of the Whimsical Selections were champagne-popping excitements. Until now as I am typing this, I am still beaming with joy that I brought these fantasy, eye-catching prints back to Queenbels. You can read here and here on my covers on both selections.

Whimsical Selections I and II

For ladies who love our dresses, I make sure you have a good range to select from too.

My handsew with love projects made good progress. I did an upsize to two new sizes; kisslock mini clutch bag and kisslock clutch bag.

Handsew with Love_Happy Mint Ruby Daisy Preorder 1

Handsew with Love Kisslock Purse + Mini Clutch Bag + Clutch Bag

Pre-orders came in very quickly for the clutch bags. There were pre-orders of sets of a kisslock purse and a kisslock clutch bag. I was extremely overjoyed with the positive response and I remembered I had to take a few days off from the shop to complete all the pre-orders on time.

Happy Petals Kisslock Purse and The Good Fortune Kisslock Clutch Bag Peony Kisslock Purse + Clutch Bag Ruby Kisslock Purse and Clutch Bag

Shortly after, I progressed to a new size which is between the mini clutch bag and the clutch bag; the kisslock mini clutch bag size two. At the same time, I upgraded the fabric quality of the purse interior, which I wanted to do early last year but I had constraints. To overcome the constraints, I had to do a necessary adjustment across all sizes.

Baby Blue Dot Daisy Kisslock Purse + Lucky Clover Kisslock Mini Clutch Bag

Baby Blue Dot Daisy Kisslock Purse + Lucky Clover Kisslock Mini Clutch Bag size two

I did a price adjustment.

A close regular customer asked me this: “Are you paying yourself?” My reply was: “Do you mean monetary payback? If yes, ya, I pay myself a token.” Making money was not what I had started with when I did my first kisslock purse.

The very observant ones knew I was really paying myself a token. Some were very frank with me. They had actually attempted at making the kisslocks themselves and gave up after making the interior. And emphasized that given the amount of work, effort and time involved, they will never sell their pieces at the old (lower) prices I was selling.

To be honest, I was pretty afraid of doing an upward price adjustment. Very few see the good fabric quality I had chosen, the work and effort put in. I was prepared to see a significant drop in the pre-orders. When the price adjustment took effect, there were a handful who pre-ordered quite a number especially during festive season, never make enquiries again and never spoken a word about my handsew with love kisslocks. There was a slight dent in my morale.

Luckily the majority stayed with me and pre-ordered even more than usual. I know this is their way to show their support and I was very, very, thankful and grateful. Thank you very much.

I continue to acquire more new fabric prints to produce my handsew with love kisslock products.

Merry Dots Kisslock Purse Lucky Clover Kisslock Purse in Tangerine Baby Blue Dot Daisy Kisslock Purse
The Sassy Pink Kisslock Purse Red Dot Daisy Kisslock Purse Happy Rainbow Petals Kisslock Purse

I was inspired to do a theme launch too. The Friendship Kisslock Purse.

The Friendship Kisslock Purse

About two weeks before we wrapped up for Lunar New Year, I finally found a fabric print that I have a feel for, that I want to do for 2015 Lunar New Year Edition. I squeezed in time to complete two sets of Happiness in Full Blooms Kisslock Purse and Kisslock Mini Clutch Bag size two. Totally worth the time when one set was sold within an hour of launch.

Happiness in Full Blooms Kisslock Purse and Mini Clutch Bag

Happiness in Full Blooms Kisslock Purse and Mini Kisslock Clutch Bag size two

Thank you very much for loving my handsew with love kisslock products. Thank you for willing to buy and use what I have made.

Today is Day 12 of Lunar New Year 2015. Celebration stretches for fifteen days and I hereby once more, wishes all who celebrates, Happy Lunar New Year 2015!


Business resumes in the shop tomorrow ie 3 March 2015. It is going to be a short week though as I still need abit of time to wrap up the back-office work. I am setting new shopping hours in the shop which will take effect 10 March 2015. Stay on our Facebook page for instant updates.


You Have Come A Long Way

“You have come a long way.”

On the morning of Queenbels’ 4th birthday, a Facebook friend and also a customer left this comment on our Facebook page. This comment had me took in a deep breath and breathe out.

She is one of the long-time people who saw me on my wordpress days to an e-commerce webstore and to now a brick and mortar shop. Thank you to all who left birthday wishes for Queenbels on our facebook page. I read every single comment.

Prosperous Ever After

Four years is not a relative long time for a business. I have to discount the first two years of juggling it with a full-time job. To be very honest, I wasn’t very on the ball with the operation. I had a full-time profession and I am sure no employer wants a half-hearted employee. I was paid to do a service for the company and I had to keep up with the high standards at all times.

Doing what I am doing now isn’t some great 5-years plan I set up. I have never thought of running my own business before this. I thought I would marry a man I love, set up a family, have kids and become a homemaker. I am not saying that going down this path is something less achieving or anything less, so please don’t get me wrong. Somehow things just happen, unexpected.

My husband will know this very well. In fact he said he never knew I could sell something. I am not a fantastic talker by the way. Sometimes he will tease me: “Oh got people buy things from you ah.” Oh well.

It took a certain level of courage to cut away a stable good paying job. I didn’t want to think too hard too much. Now, if you want to run a business properly and see results, you have to be in the game, playing it. You cannot just stand one side and watch the game happen. The same goes if I work for others. Putting in effort to learn the ropes may not warrant a promotion but at least I was building up my skills steadily. At least technically I was sound. With a sound background, I will be able to set sail should opportunities come knocking.

So, if you are not doing something that you like very much now or have huge dreams for the future, don’t belittle whatever you are doing now to put food on the table. Trust me, you will bring that piece of life experience with you to your next venture and it will help you greatly.


Rush Hour

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It was a crazy and stressful procurement trip. That was the shortest notice I ever got before I hopped on a plane.

The samples for 2nd quarter of 2013 were finally ready. I just have to fly there to look at the real pieces. I am extremely happy with the designs, the fabrics employed and the workmanship. The spectrum of colours is beautiful and attractive. I am keeping my fingers crossed that all the designs that I have selected, materialise.

The shipment schedule is the next challenge. The new designs may not come in big batches. If need be, new designs will be shipped as and when they are ready. So please stay with me on our Facebook page for instant updates on new arrivals.

A new selection of accessories are now in store. Bag charms are my favourite and the new bangle designs are gorgeous. I have also selected a wrap that I really like. More pictures will be posted on our Facebook page.

New Accessories Are Now In Store

New Accessories Are Now In Store

Cinderella Pumpkin Carriage Bag Charm

Cinderella Pumpkin Carriage Bag Charm

Cinderella Pumpkin Carriage Bag Charm in Salmon

Cinderella Pumpkin Carriage Bag Charm in Salmon

Mandarin Panel Wrap

Mandarin Panel Wrap

I have picked up all the designs that are available for restocks. However, the quantity is really scarce. Some designs are restocked with only one piece. So do grab these restocks before everything gets sold out.

Lace n Puff Hem Dress in Light Gold

Lace n Puff Hem Dress in Light Gold

Pleats n Curls Chiffon Dress in Cream

Pleats n Curls Chiffon Dress in Cream

Don’t go away. New designs will hit our showroom in no time.


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