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Start With A Kiss

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This is the longest period of work in progress I have ever experienced.

I think I took almost three months to complete this handsew kisslock purse.

Coral Peony Kisslock Purse

Coral Peony Kisslock Purse

It is highly challenging to do sewing these days when I have to run the showroom and take care of the back office too. I am definitely not complaining about being busy in the showroom. I am glad to have your understanding when I took a little longer to complete your pre-order kisslock purse.

Polka dots print fabric is still my number one love. If I come across other fabric prints that catch my eye, I will include that fabric print in my current collection of handsew kisslock purse. I will be working on restocking the sold out kisslock purses. Head over to place your order.

I will be working on a new purse shape.

And a new DIY project.

Wish me luck.


This Same Time

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Lights Up

The Bright Beginning and Forever

Last Friday, I met up with an ex-colleague and he asked how is life now working for myself and what is it like running my own business. I said to him: “It’s beyond your imagination.”

Full of surprises, pleasant and unpleasant ones.

I learn something new almost every single day.

Daily ongoings remind me constantly what went down this pigeon for the past one year.

At this same time last year, I had no idea if things will materialise. It was a fingers crossed and toes crossed period. On one hand I hope it comes true. On the other hand all the monster what-ifs were ringing in my ears. I am a new kid on the block running an apparel showroom. Thank you to the wonderful customers who were very forgiving on my not so good job done on customer servicing .

I have said this and I am going to say this again:

“What happened, wasn’t a dream. It was a decision made with alot of sensibility and calculated risk.”

Queenbels is turning four this August. Celebration plans are in the pipeline. Stay tuned.


Thank You For Wearing Queenbels

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It touches me every single time when I receive photographs from customers of themselves wearing Queenbels.

These photographs are efforts and ways of sharing with me how much they love to wear Queenbels and love to be seen wearing Queenbels.

I love to hear how they receive good compliments from their friends and people around them whenever they wear Queenbels.

It feels good to receive praises on your outfits.

If you notice, there is always a little story behind the pieces I presented in Queenbels.


Yes I am selling clothes but I am not just picking up clothes and put them on the racks.

There is always a little story which led me to pick up a particular design.

I like to share these stories.

Sometimes these stories struck a chord with the customers and we will share some common sentiments.

Do you have a story to share?

I would love to hear from you.


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