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Bring Your Own Shopping Bag

We kick-start the weekend with a trip to Gardens by the Bay. We are so glad that the sun is staying longer two days before. The rain made the trip impossible last weekend.

I like the Cloud Forest the most. The waterfall is really beautiful.

Gardens By The Bay - Cloud Forest

Gardens By The Bay – Cloud Forest

Before we exit the Cloud Forest, we came to this section, +5 Degrees.

The visuals of how rising temperature around our only home, Earth is affecting everyone in a very negative way. The message is very clear and strong; Saving Gaia.

I have written before how I do my part to reduce waste, do recycling and reuse old products.

One thing I always try to reduce using is paper or plastic bags, especially non-biodegradable plastic products.

The first time I introduced the ‘Bring Your Own Shopping Bag’ reward was at our first mini bazaar. I gave S$1 off the total bill if you bring your own bag for your purchases. The number of paper bags I had to use was greatly reduced.

You may think S$1 off is a tiny amount. It is not about the money, it is about doing our part to reduce waste on our only home, Earth. I think for a start, some kind of token rewards do help to encourage people to bring their own shopping bags.

Before the private showroom was officially launched, I had thought about if I should continue with the ‘Bring Your Own Shopping Bag’ reward. I have this worry that if I don’t provide paper bags, it is not good for the image of the showroom and customers may think I am trying to save on the paper bags.

The visuals that I saw at +5 Degrees reminded me again that I should restart the ‘Bring Your Own Shopping Bag’ reward.

From tomorrow onwards, if you bring your own shopping bag for your purchases at our private showroom, you will enjoy S$1 off the total bill.

A tip to help yourself start bring your own shopping bag:

Find a shopping bag that you love and in your favourite colour.

Most shopping bags are foldable, light-weight, tiny when folded and easy to carry around.

Make it a habit to include it in your essentials things to bring, just like your purse and mobile phone when you head out.

Bring Your Own Shopping Bag and Enjoy S$1 OFF total bill

Bring Your Own Shopping Bag and Enjoy S$1 OFF total bill

Let’s Do Our Part To Save Gaia.


Hello Pink Berries in the Green Field!

Pink Berries in the Green Field Kisslock Purse

Let’s say hello to Pink Berries in the Green Field!

I had a fun time working with polka dots print fabric when I produced Happy Dots Kisslock Purse and Happy Dots n Mickey Kisslock Purse. These two kisslock purses were a sell-out and very well-received. There are so many awesome people who love polka dots as much as I do!

Off I went, in search of new fabric prints last week. The choices that are suitable for making kisslock purses weren’t many. I have my own set of checklist when it comes to selecting fabric prints to make kisslock purses. This time I chose to employ a thread colour for the kisslock purse frame that is not matching to the fabric background colour or even close to the frame colour. It was either pink or green. I find the green thread on the frame more refreshing and unique. Plus a green inner lining. What do you think of the colour match?

I will be working on more kisslock purses in this September. Maybe a bigger purse or a clutch bag?

Stay tuned.

What Is Your Favourite Flower?

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Isn’t this pretty? I saw these pretty flowers in a supermarket. Does anyone know what flower is this?

I keep small potted plants at home by the windows. I like waking up to see greenery on the windows every morning, water the plants and have my breakfast. Ikea has good planting solutions for potted plants. Check it out.

Have you tried making dried flowers? I used to make dried flowers and collate them in a scrapbook. I will pick the flower before it withers, place it between sheets of paper and keep it compressed in thick phone directory book. After a couple of days, the water in the flower gets drained out and you will get a nice dried flower. You can make a few dried flowers, frame and hang them up on walls at home like a picture.

Baby’s Breath is my favourite flower. The chinese name is ‘满天星’. Direct translation is ‘Sky full of Stars’. Can you visualise how beautiful it is when you look up at the night sky, full of glittering stars?

Be Enchanted This Weekend

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Singapore Garden Festival 2012

Writing the previous entry on ‘Save My World’ has prompted me to take today, Friday off and hop over to the Singapore Garden Festival 2012, with my mum.

Floral Ferris

The exhibition is held in two separate convention halls on different floors, 4th and 6th floor, at Suntec Singapore Convention Centre. The 4th floor features focally the various orchid breeds. If you are thinking of adding orchids to your home garden, the marketplace will be the right place to zoom in. There are local and overseas floral nurseries, presenting their best floral products. Talks are also held on gardening tips.

The 6th floor features home interior garden designs and landscape designs. Some of these landscape designs were transformed into shows with integrates of music and lightings. I was awed by the beautiful setups and the massive work behind these landscapes. The entire place is filled with nice floral scents.

I did not take many photos. You have to go and see for yourself in real life the beauty of the various floral breeds and displays.

The exhibition ends this Sunday, 15 July 2012. This is a great weekend activity for all ages, especially for family outing.

Overseas friends, if you are in town, this is not to be missed.

For more information, head over to their Facebook page.

Have an enchanting weekend!

Save My World

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I do my tiny part to conserve our Earth by reducing waste as much as possible, reusing packagings and participating in the recycling programme in the community.

Some time back, I shared how I reuse the business card boxes as packing materials for the hair scrunchiesI encourage and reward shoppers to bring their own shopping bags when they come to shop at our mini bazaars by giving a token rebate of SGD1 off total bill. Many shoppers did bring their own shopping bags and I felt really happy giving away the token rebates. Every token rebate given equals to one paper bag saved. Every single tiny effort counts.

‘Save My World’ is the theme song this year for Mediacorp Saving Gaia corporate initiative. Note the lyrics as you tuned in. A very meaningful song. Don’t you want to save the Earth for our future generations?

Find out more HERE how you can do your ‘Go Green’ part at home, at work and at play.

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